Advertising is now a major part of the Super Bowl, and Britain's very own James Corden has recreated one iconic Super Bowl ad - with a bit of a twist.

During his Late Late Show, James Corden spoofed 1992's Pepsi ad - and Cindy Crawford even joined in the fun, reprising her role from the original spot.

Corden didn't stop there, however: he also parodied Budweiser's famous ‘Whassup?’ Budweiser ad later on in the show.

Watch the hilarious spoof below and tell us if you think it holds up to the original.

Escape to the British countryside to experience tranquil scenery... and giant cartoon sculptures.

Renowned artist KAWS is hosting his first UK exhibition in Yorkshire Sculpture Park, showcasing over twenty pieces of art in beautiful surroundings.

KAWS’ eclectic yet distinctive work involves vibrant canvases, unique sculptures and giant cartoon-style figures.

Read more about KAWS’ work here and let us know if you'll be exploring it.

What better way to understand your consumers than to work alongside them? Even if they're dogs.

American firm Kurgo has set up the world’s most dog-friendly office, in which employees and their canine companions work together in harmony.

With bright natural light, refurbished shipping containers, and wood panelling, the open plan office incorporates synthetic grass to symbolise the travel aspect of the pet business' core values.

From dog beds to water fountains, each desk is equipped to cater for the dog’s needs; and, of course, the dogs can product test new toys during work hours too.

Read more about this 'barking mad' office here and tell us if you'd love to take your pooch to work.

What better way to stand out in a sea of Super Bowl ads than to have Christopher Walken talking about socks?

The 'Walken Closet' ad by Kia promotes the new Optima, with the famous actor persuading a young man to ditch his beige socks and bring a sense of pizazz to his wardrobe.

The beige socks, of course, are just a representation of those who blend in with society -  it's the colourful socks (like the Kia Optima) that stand out.

Watch the Walken Closet below and tell us what you make of the surreal ad.

Everyone loves rainbows and everyone loves bagels - but did you know there's such a thing as a Rainbow Bagel?

The Bagel Store, run by Scot Rossillo in Brooklyn, has perfected its recipe for the vibrant bagel, which comes with a range of extravagant fillings including soft candyfloss and 'Funetti' cream cheese.

INSIDER food has delved into the work behind creating the perfect Rainbow Bagel, revealing its unique construction and neon colouring.

Watch the mouthwatering making of the Rainbow Bagel below and tell us if you'd love to try one - or if you already have...

Play 'guess the ad' with Kung Fu Panda in's Super Bowl ad. has partnered with DreamWorks to promote the #StartStunning campaign, featuring Kung Fu Panda's Po and friends.

The ad sees Po the panda creating elaborate re-enactments of famous ads, such as Budweiser’s ‘Frogs’ and even Old Spice's ‘The Man Your Man Could Smell Like’.

Watch Kung Fu Panda ace the classic ads below and tell us what other ads Po should recreate.

From simple posters to magazine spreads, or even massive billboards, print ads are all around us, offering eye-catching and impactful visuals that remain in the memory for years to come.

CreativeBloq's list of its favourite print ads include the Whiska ‘Big Cat, Small cat’ campaign, Mini's atmospheric monochromes, and of course, endless creativity from the likes of LEGO and Play-doh.

Take a look at the selection here and let us know your favourites.

On our blog, we love to showcase innovative and beautiful examples of design, but what about the people and teams behind these amazing creations?

Here are our five designers to watch:

1. Zim and Zou (Graphic)

These two French artists have taken a step back from the digital era and are creating mesmerising handcrafted illustrations from everyday materials - you'll be astonished at their complexity.

2. Justina Blakeney (Interiors)

Based in L.A, Justina incorporates vibrant chic colours into her unique bohemian interior designs. Juxtaposing textures and materials, clashing colours, and crafting natural finishing touches her designs are homely yet eye-catching.

3. James Ward (Products)

Known for his 'Jimbobart' work, James' animal illustrations provide a fun and witty take on everyday objects, such as his 'Bandit Biscuit' ceramic plate. 

4. Richa Aggarwal (Fashion)

Richa Aggarwal’s latest collection brings together her New Delhi heritage with some stunning contemporary twists. (Honourable mention to Hong Kong duo Ground Zero’s 2014 collections which have an Eighties/futurist spin).

5. Hattie Stewart (Polymath)

Known for her extravagant illustrations, Hattie incorporates her creative doodles into print, clothes, animations, music, and much more.

Tell us who you would add to this list; got an idea for our Friday Five series? Tweet us @thinktanklondon.

Be transported back to 1930s New York in Guinness’ newest ad for the ‘Made of More’ campaign.

Guinness will be the first UK and Ireland brand to feature a 60 second video on Instagram to promote ‘Made of More’.

Filmed in black and white, the ad features the story of John Hammond, the jazz enthusiast who was a pioneer in bringing black and white music together.

Marketing director, Stephen O’Kelly said: “'John Hammond’ continues a series of stories from Guinness that feature ordinary people achieving extraordinary things.”

This history-inspired campaign will be supported with PR, social media, TV, and digital content.

Watch the creative ad below and tell us what you think of it.

One design duo's clever creations let you add a miniature iconic cityscape to your desk or wall.

William Ngo and Alan Silverman's 'Microscape' collection recreates recognisable architectural landscapes as miniature tiled replicas, which are 3D printed and sculpted to a 1:500 scale.

By using aerial scan data, each 6"x6" tile is designed to resemble the most current version of each city, offering little snapshots of character. Together, the sleek white tiles can make up a cityscape as panoramic or as intimate as you like, depending, of course, on your space.

Manhattan is the first cityscape to be recreated in tiles and its creators are now crowdfunding so they can replicate other well-known skylines.

Read more about Microscape here and tell us which cities you would like to see in tile form.

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