Eurostar encourages users to change their travel state of mind in a fun New Wave-style ad.

The ad follows a group of young travellers experiencing their trip abroad from a more 'cultured' perspective, putting a new spin on scenic meals, romance, and dancing.

The tips include asking locals for directions instead of using your phone, making sure that the only plans you make are to lunch for longer, and to look up to take in your stunning surroundings.

Take a look at the full ad below; let us know if you'll be taking on a travel state of mind.

Run out of creativity?

Creative Market has released an insightful infographic giving some great ideas for when you have creative block.

The chart is made of 40 colourful squares, each with a handy tip such as stepping away from your computer and going for a walk.

More interesting alternatives include learning something new, letting your dreams inspire you, and dressing for success.

See the full infographic here and tell us which tips you'll be taking onboard.

A designer has turned the postage stamp into a range of pop culture prints, taking us back in time with some classic references.

Clark Orr's Pop Culture Postage collection focuses on some iconic film and television characters from the Eighties, including the Terminator, Skeletor, and the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

Bursting with colour, the stamp collection also takes inspiration from E.T, The Shining, and Indiana Jones.

See Orr's work, which is also on display in Los Angeles, here and tell us which is your favourite stamp.

The National Art Centre in Tokyo is celebrating its 10th anniversary, opening its doors to architect Emmanuelle Moureaux to mark the occasion.

The artist's stunning Forest of Numbers installation fills a 2,000 sqm exhibition room with 60,000 coloured numbers, forming a psychedelic rainbow of figures cascading from the ceiling.

The vibrant work, which is her largest project to date, is made entirely of paper, encouraging visitors to immerse themselves in the impressive space.

See the full installation here and let us know your thoughts.

The LEXUS Design Award 2017 prototype winners have been announced, giving young designers and entrepreneurs the chance to showcase their work on a high profile platform.

Four designs were chosen from over 4,000 entries, receiving professional feedback before being manufactured into physical prototypes.

This year's theme for the awards was 'YET', giving entrants the opportunity to explore ideas that may seem incompatible on paper, but make sense with a spark of imagination.

The winners include PIXEL (a structure to experience the existence of light YET shadow) by Hiroto Yoshizoe, which layers and illuminates coloured tiles to create eye-catching combinations of shadow and light.

See the full list of winners here; do you have a favourite prototype?

Design magazine HOW has created a series of GIFs called Logomorphs, showcasing how some of our favourite brands' logos have transformed in the past year alone.

2016 saw the rise of simplicity, with brands following the trend of making their logos simple and striking. We saw this most recently with Subway, which has changed its once colourful, swirling logo into linear two-tone text.

Other notable examples include Instagram’s logo change, which has gone from a complex retro camera to an elegant square with bold white motifs.

HOW's GIFs, which you can see here, follow these intriguing transitions in one smooth movement; what do you think of them?

A budding architect from Ukraine has won Blank Space’s Fairy Tales competition.

Mykhailo Ponomarenko won first prize for his entry ‘Last Day’, which comprises a series of head-tilting paintings and an accompanying story inspired by science fiction.

Ponomarenko takes everyday tranquil environments and twists them, putting 'something weird, unreal and out of human scale into them', creating an alternative history that saw the USSR building cities in the sky.

Second place went to Terrence Hector with ‘City Walkers’, while third place was awarded to ‘Up Above’ by Ariane Merle D’Aubigné and Jean Maleyrat.

Designed to 'explore current events and the creative process through short stories and artwork', this fourth edition of the competition attracted entries from over sixty countries. 

Read the stories here and let us know if you'd enter the competition.

Just in time for Valentine's Day, hearing aid manufacturer Cochlear has released an innovative new ad highlighting the widespread problem of hearing loss.

The ad follows a couple's love story, seeing their relationship blossom but also the ups and downs they have to overcome.

However, it’s not all plain sailing for the viewer: the ad is actually disguised as a hearing test, intended to fool your senses with muffled noises and quiet speech - and how the relationship ends is left to the viewer's hearing ability.

Will they sort out their differences? Watch the full ad below and let us know your interpretation.

Google has gone the extra mile to entertain users today (13th February), who can follow the story of a pink Pangolin on the search for love in time for Valentine's Day.

The interactive game encompasses four unique scenarios, in which you can navigate the cute mammal with your keyboard.

The main aim of the game is to collect objects within a pressing time limit, including cocoa beans in the desert to make a delicious cake and musical instruments underwater to learn a new song. Each new environment is unlocked after successfully collecting enough tokens in the former, with charming animations moving the story forward.

Play the game on Google now and let us know how you get on.

The National Geographic International Photography Contest for Kids has revealed its winners, celebrating some incredible talent.

Capturing everything from culture to nature, animals to travel, the budding young photographers have put together some stunning pictures.

The Grand Prize International award went to 11-year-old Dewi Baggerman, for his immersive shot of a field of blooming tulips shot from their green stalks, while Kate Anderson, aged 12, won the USA Grand Prize for a tiny chick taking centre stage.

Other winners include Alexia Saigh's beautifully framed 'Archway to Cesky Krumlov' and 'Prairie Kiss' by 12-year-old Frey Youssef.

See the full collection of photographs here; let us know your favourite.

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