Summer may be coming to a slightly drizzly close, but thankfully is bringing back the fun to our holiday pictures.

The travel agency, which is known for its humorous approach to advertising, is now encouraging us to send in our snaps so they can be redesigned into animated GIFs.

This brilliant idea is part of the's ‘Wing Everything’ campaign, which promotes spontaneous vacations.

The sample GIFs include a standard beach scene interrupted by a dolphin rainbow, a pyramid of deckchairs, and an ice cream theft.

Take part in the competition by tweeting your picture with #WingItYeah and find out more about the campaign here.

Taxi Fabric has brought a dash of creativity to Mumbai’s taxis, covering them with bright art and transforming them into what some are calling an ‘iconic piece of culture’.

In a bid to stand out, each taxi has been reupholstered with unforgettable art work.

With the help of up and coming Indian designers and a successful Kickstarter campaign, Taxi Fabric's designs pay homage to India's rich culture, incorporating colourful tigers, sitars, and the national flag.

Take a look at the beautiful designs here.

Creative Bloq has put together an incredible list of 90 of the most innovative, inspiring, and informative infographics out there.

A great infographic has the perfect balance of words and pictures to illustrate a certain subject, a complex juggling act of facts and design which is essential to attract the reader.

Here are three infographics that caught our eye:

Imaginary Factory (pictured) was designed by Jing Zhang who imagined tiny workers inside our gadgets and what they do to make them work.'s advice on logo design, which highlights simplicity, colour, and adaptability as key guidelines.

And a fantastic tea and biscuit guide by Green Hat, which looks at how long to dunk your biscuit without incurring soggy disaster.

Take a look at the whole list here and tell us which infographics you like.

Have you visited Dismaland yet?

No, this isn't a typo - it's Banksy's new exhibition in Weston-super-Mare, which has gained a resoundingly positive response despite its grim ethos.

With the first visitors allowed in the park last week, it's clear that the experience is not simply another work by the renowned street artist, but an interactive demonstration against the world we live in.

Recycling the typical trappings of theme parks and giving them a dystopian spin, Dismaland showcases the contributions of fifty artists - as well as miserable staff, a carousel on which the horses get turned into lasagne, and a post-apocalyptic ice cream van.

Take a glimpse - if you dare - at Dismaland here and tell us if you'll be visiting.

Known for its innovative Christmas advertising, John Lewis has launched a brilliant new ad for Home Insurance guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

The ad's strapline, ‘If it matters to you, it matters to us’, has been expressed through a little girl with a slightly clumsy but heartfelt passion for dancing.

With the young girl twirling, leaping, and prancing around the house, she nudges and taps all the fragile, precious items in the house - reminding viewers to enjoy family life with the comfort of knowing your home and its contents are insured.

Watch the clever ad below and tell us if it's brightened up your day.

If you’re enjoying London’s hot weather this week, why not imagine doing so while swimming in mid-air?

Arup Associates has designed an innovative ‘sky pool’, a 25-metre-long swimming pool which will bridge two blocks of apartments in Nine Elms, south London.

The pool, inspired by aquariums, will be completely transparent, affording swimmers with striking views of the city as they paddle and tread water.

Apartment developer Ballymore Group’s CEO, Sean Mulryan, said: “The Sky Pool’s transparent structure is the result of significant advancements in technologies over the last decade. The experience of the pool will be truly unique, it will feel like floating through the air in central London.”

Find out more about the Sky Pool here and tell us if you would have a swim in it.

A graphic artist has transformed classic ads into colourful 8-bit images and GIFs.

Michael Myers was asked by Copypop to reinvent iconic campaigns as retro pixel art; with bold colours and minimalist designs, each image is simply brilliant.

Famous ads such as Cadbury's drumming gorilla and Coca-Cola's hilltop ad are featured in the fun collection.

Take a look at the ads here and tell us which other famous campaigns should be recreated 8-bit style.

Dragon slaying. Laser vision. Surfing a giant goose.

These are just some of the unlikely skills a parliamentary candidate has demonstrated in his tongue-in-cheek election video.

Wyatt Scott, an independent candidate for Canadian Parliament, has produced a rather left-field campaign film that sees him highlight the importance of social care investment, affordable education, and of course, protecting Canada from giant killer robots.

Watch the unique video below and let us know if you would vote for Wyatt Scott, Independent.

Due to their scale and location, many billboards are hard to miss, often catching the eye of thousands of passers-by every day.

But what makes a billboard ad truly memorable?

Creative Bloq has selected 35 advertising campaigns that showcase some of the great, innovative ways billboards can win your attention, from interacting with the public to bold animations.

The varied list includes IBM's billboard benches and rain shelters, British Airways' real-time ad encouraging children to look up at the sky, and BBC World showing both sides of the story on a corner billboard.

Have a look at the list here and tell us what you think is the best billboard - or let us know if you have your own suggestions.

Hidden between rows of apartments in the streets of Paris, a striking basketball court has been revamped with a bold colour scheme.

Pigalle Duperré, a collaboration between Ill-Studio and fashion brand Pigalle, takes inspiration from the avant-garde painting 'Sportsmen' by Kazimir Malevich, using bright primary colours and strong geometric shapes formed from EPDM rubber.

Publicising the Pigalle Basketball Spring Summer 2015 presentation, the court is just part of an ongoing collaboration between Pigalle and Ill-Studio, an 'art direction platform' that has also worked with Nike, Chanel, and Adidas.

Take a closer look at Pigalle Duperré here and find out more about this interesting brand collaboration.

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