Another May, another Design Week in Clerkenwell ‒ and it’s already shaping up to be a great one.

Showcasing some of the best local, national, and even international creativity, Clerkenwell Design Week attracts the best and brightest architects, designers, and artists.

Here’s our highlights from Day One:

Exhibitions at St James’s Church

Once again, St James’s Church is a key hub for Clerkenwell Design Week, holding Project, Additions, and British Collection. Must-sees in the Georgian church and its grounds include the Future of Design pavilion, the return of Jimbobart to the festival, and LimeLAB’s colourful HOKU lamps (pictured).

Screen printing at Shaw Contract Group

Carpet and hardwood provider Shaw Contract Group is providing a cracking combination of screen printing tote bags (a fun and surprisingly quick process) and fresh crepes up on Great Sutton Street.


Described as ‘a stacked timber structure that aims to create a fleeting moment of calm, in reference to Clerkenwell’s monastic past’, HakFolly is a colourful installation embedded in the arch of St John’s Gate.

And an honourable mention goes to Hitch Mylius’ collaboration with Malmaison, which has seen them create a ‘Clerkenwell Cocktail’ complete with silver ice.

Visited Clerkenwell Design Week today? Let us know what you enjoyed seeing.

Disney has taken the interactive billboard trend a bit further with its latest stunt.

Using the latest streaming technology, Disneyland surprised visitors with an ad starring Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter - live.

Set up in a remote location and assisted by a hidden camera, Depp could fully interact with passers by, amazing them with everything from a simple wave to full two-way conversations.

This creative stunt promotes 'Through the Looking Glass’, the sequel to Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland.

Watch the Mad Hatter Surprise below and tell us what you think of the stunt.

The latest must-have app helps you work out which city best suits your way of living.

Teleport is a free app that helps those thinking about moving abroad, calling on a database of over 100 cities around the world.

You can virtually explore each potential new home and answer questions (such as income and requirements) - the app will then provide a list of potential destinations.

From research to actually moving, Teleport aims to make 'physically rearranging the human population' a smoother process.

Take a look into the app here and tell us if you'll be downloading it.

An innovative voice company is helping children with speech impediments through its fairytale-inspired new animation.

VocaliD's animation tells the story of a young girl named Goldivox, who is on an adventure to find her perfect voice.

The company's first marketing campaign promotes the Voicebank, which encourages people to 'donate their voice' to those with speech impediments, helping them find the perfect sound for them.

The campaign website shows Goldivox on her travels (which you can watch below) and you can also donate your own voice by enabling your microphone settings.

Let us know what you think of the campaign and if you'll take part.

A young architecture student has been bringing vibrant colours to buildings across Germany - on his Instagram account.

Paul Eis, who's been going by the name ‘the_architecture_photographer’, breathes new life into local architecture, which is known for its striking Modernism and bold lines.

He modifies his images with bright colours and a simple contrasting blue background, bringing out these interesting architectural features.

Discover why and how Eis sheds new light on German architecture - read his interview with Dezeen here.

Did you witness PG Tips' giant Monkey floating down the Thames?

On Monday, some lucky Londoners spotted the mascot, which was formed from an estimated 110,486 green leaves to promote the brand's green tea.

The six metre high Monkey meandered down the river with mug in hand, going viral on social media.

The clever stunt also aimed to raise awareness of how the colour green can impact our lives at home and at work, in anticipation of PG Tips' 'Green Paper'.

Did you see the monkey? Let us know, or read more about the fun publicity push here.

As virtual reality emerges into the mainstream, will 360˚ viewing join the advertising trends of 2016?
A couple of weeks ago, we covered the latest BMW ad, an interactive 360˚ offering featuring the model Gigi Hadid.

However, BMW isn't the only company to make the most of the up-and-coming technology: GoPro has recently created a breathtaking video introducing its latest Omni product.

The video starts off like any other 360˚ ad, letting you explore the snowy ski slopes in full, but GoPro's Omni provides a clever twist. Omni's experience immerses you in a world of skiers, joining their every jump, duck, and slide down the mountain, from behind, in front, below, and even above.

But 360˚ video isn't just being used for products; hit TV show Game of Thrones has also used the technology to create a unique version of its opening sequence, which is said to have been viewed an estimated 5.3 million times within 24 hours.

These are just a few examples of how brands are using 360˚ technology; read more about the Game of Thrones experience here and let us know where else you’ve seen this latest trend.

Intel has taken to the sky with a breathtaking light show created by drones.

Taking place in the Palm Springs desert, the display (the first explicitly approved one of its kind in the US) was designed as a test to see how the flying robots could perform stunning shows on a larger scale.

One hundred drones were controlled by a single operator and his support team, lighting up the night sky with incredibly colourful choreography.

See the drones in action below and find out more about Intel's project here.

A supermarket brand has demonstrated just how fresh its frozen fish really is...

By bringing it back to life.

'The Live Fish Pack', a clever marketing stunt for Mila, features what looks like standard packaging containing normal fish.

But with WiFi and a proximity sensor, the boxes jump and shake when unsuspecting shoppers approach them, giving the impression that the fish really are 'fresh'.

The ingenious experiential campaign was also broadcast live on a website, where visitors could activate the fish and watch the ensuing reaction.

Watch the 'The Live Fish Pack' below and tell us what you think of it - priceless prank or macabre marketing?

A collection of handcrafted rings encapsulates beautifully detailed miniature landscapes.

Secret Wood's products are all-natural, fashioned from wood, resin, and beeswax, which combine to create mesmerising scenes capturing the beauty of nature.

From snowy forests to delicate flowers, the angular rings provide 360 views of each stunning landscape.

Find out more about Secret Wood’s rings here and let us know your favourites.

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