An innovative app allows social media users to experience their tweets being spoken by a mountain.

Goo Technologies' new app 'Mountains of Mouthness' features 3D animated mountains that will recite tweets from people who use the hashtag #Mouthness.

This concept is actually based on a fairytale, in which two mountains in love find themselves separated by a village and have to talk to each other from afar.

Creative Director Magnus Östergren said: “we’re aiming to build the most artist friendly tool for advanced interactive web graphics out there.”

Watch a demonstration of the app here and tweet #mouthness or @MoMouthness to have your message spoken by a cartoon mountain.

A Dutch architecture studio will transform an old South Korean motorway into an impressive elevated public park.

MVRDV is in charge of creating the ‘Seoul Skygarden’, populating it with an incredible 254 different species of plants, which are organised according to the Korean alphabet.

In its new guise as the Skygarden, the currently abandoned section of the 1970s motorway will bring economic benefits to the area and act as a tranquil shortcut for pedestrians.

Winy Maas of MVRDV said that it “will change the daily lives of many people in Seoul for the better [as] a green oasis in the midst of all the traffic and concrete.”

Take a look at the stunning Skygarden here and tell us what you think.

An Italian artist has brought some unique street art to the streets of Riccione: strikingly realistic birds seemingly in flight.

Eron, who was named ‘best Italian street artist’ in the 1990s, has depicted herons and seagulls on the walls throughout the Italian city, giving them life through stunning 'three-dimensional' realism.

The artist's sequential 'flipbook' style revitalises these old concrete walls with splashes of white, while the illusionary effect makes the birds look like they're taking off in flight.

Watch Eron create his striking work below and let us know what you think.

A fun infographic reveals your personality according to your favourite type of coffee.

Coffee Tasting Club has detailed six different coffee personalities, from the artisan coffee drinker to the 'purist' lover of black coffee, in a series of cute, colourful, and definitely tongue-in-cheek images.

Our favourite example is the Cappucino Drinker, who Coffee Tasting Club describes as 'sociable, creative and optimistic' and 'totally at home in the coffee shop. This is their second home and you are their guest'.

Check out the whole infographic here and tell us your coffee personality.

Love Home Swap has discovered the top photobombing locations in London, with some interesting findings.

The home exchange club revealed the ten most popular 'selfie' spots in London (the world’s most Instagrammed capital city).

The iconic Hyde Park is the most Instagrammed location of the capital, with more than 715,563 Instagram posts.

Madison St Pauls and Battersea Park rank second and third with 210,005 shots and 103,211 posts respectively.

Take a look at the whole list here and tell us which ones you've taken selfies at.

Coca-Cola has released a heartwarming new ad called ‘Man & Dog’.

The brand created a beautiful old-school animation following the adventures of a grumpy man and his dog.

This little film illustrates one of the brand’s mottos, 'a change in perspective can make all the difference in the world', by showing us what we can learn from our canine companions.

Watch the cute advert below and tell us what you think of it.


The most exciting festival in Clerkenwell has come to an end.

Bigger and better than ever, this year’s CDW saw interactive installations, a vibrant fringe, immersive showroom experiences, and beautiful brands come together to showcase an astonishing range of creativity.

Our highlights (and photographs) are legion, but here are just a few final observations:

Jimbobart at Additions - St John’s Square

The brainchild of designer James Ward, Jimbobart is a range of slightly eccentric, very subversive ceramics based on ‘expressive animal drawings’. Our favourite is ‘The Cake Crusader’ (as pictured).

Metro Imaging - 32 Great Sutton Street

Visitors had an exclusive opportunity to explore the printing specialists’ work, which includes printing onto surfaces such as metal, glass, and stone. The Kate Moss print in particular stood out dramatically against the stark white walls.

Tarkett at Desso - 23-25 Great Sutton Street

Flooring manufacturer Tarkett teamed up with trend forecasters Scarlet Opus for a presentation on upcoming design trends for commercial interiors, with a translation for flooring. Trend Presenter Sally Angharad gave a highly engaging snapshot of the current influences on the creative industry and how these are set to evolve during this year and next.

We've thoroughly enjoyed Clerkenwell Design Week; let us know your CDW highlights.

Today is sadly the final day of the Clerkenwell Design Week, but here are our last few must-see spots for anyone still exploring the festival:

Factorylux and Prelogram – 49 Old Street

The Look Mum No Hands Café is hosting two very innovative companies in its lovely garden: Factorylux and Prelogram, which are showcasing the production of lighting and metal typesetting in action (with just a few impressed ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ from the audience).

London Graphic Centre – 86 Goswell Road

London Graphic Centre has had a little façade makeover for the week and offers the opportunity to take part in creative origami workshops. We happily joined in attempting to make lovely origami pieces on Proto Paper cartridge paper.

Havwoods – 2 Clerkenwell Road

Havwoods is celebrating 40 years of heritage during Clerkenwell Design Week, deciding to treat us with a specially renovated bus transformed into a chic bar. You can enjoy a drink while listening to various talks that the company is hosting.

Tomorrow, we’ll be producing a final review of the week; in the meantime, keep an eye out for our CDW pictures @thinktanklondon.

We spotted some great locations on the second day of Clerkenwell Design Week, here are today's highlights:

Icon’s House of Culture – St John’s Square

Icon’s House of Culture is another major hub of CDW, thanks in part to the variety of brands that it displays, but also to its wonderful location – the beautiful Georgian Old Sessions House.

Top European brands, such as Gubi which occupies the first floor, are scattered around this imposing structure, allowing you to discover a  variety of different atmospheres, like a walk-through installation.
You can also sit down, grab a coffee (or a gin), and listen to designers talking on various subjects.

Ideapaint: The Big Idea – 45 Great Sutton Street

IdeaPaint and MIX magazine collaborated for Clerkenwell Design Week in order to find some new logos for the magazine. We happily joined in and contributed to the scheme by creating our own version of the MIX logo on the IdeaPaint board.

Additions – St John’s Square

Additions takes you to the heart of St John’s Church by exhibiting a wide-range of talented brands in its crypt. From patterned ceramics to hand-printed textiles, you will find something that matches your tastes.

We'll be popping back down tomorrow for the last day of CDW; tweet us @thinktanklondon if you've spotted anything cool.


Today was the start of the sixth edition of Clerkenwell Design Week, which hosts the most innovative products, designers and brands around.

Here are some locations that caught our eye along the design trail:

Design Factory – The Farmiloe Building

The Design Factory represents the central hub of Clerkenwell Design Week.

This year, it features the headline sponsor, Renault, and its brand new Kadjar car in the main atrium, hosted below an astonishing lighting installation.

As we enter the Design Factory, the first two floors showcase a range of stunning furniture brands, from simple pieces to clever concepts.

One highlight is a colourful paper mobile with inspirational phrases by the British Contract Furnishing Association (BCFA).

The third floor of the Victorian building is dedicated to the Lighting Factory. A variety of lighting brands is displayed in the spacious area, from tree lights by Di Classe to sleek and sophisticated Anglepoise lamps, demonstrating the breadth of creativity in the industry.

Glaze – St. John’s Square

Created by Ben and Jelena Cousins, this Murano glass-inspired pavilion is a true work of art.

Visitors are encouraged to walk through the steel-framed structure to discover the wonderful colours and the various perspectives Glaze offers.

The Invisible Store of Happiness - St. John’s Gate

This massive intricate wooden structure, explores the versatility of two major hardwoods: American Maple and American Cherry.

Creators Sebastian Cox and Laura Bacon wanted to push the material to its limits with this experiment.

We’ll be back at Clerkenwell Design Week tomorrow; let us know what you’ve seen so far.

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