Digital artists have recreate iconic works of art with a twist.

Adobe's latest campaign, Make a Masterpiece, brings together four digital artists to recreate stolen, destroyed, or lost pieces of art with just elements of stock photography.

The works include Rembrandt's 'The Storm on the Sea of Galilee' and Caravaggio's 'Saint Matthew and the Angel', all reinvented with Adobe Stock and digital techniques.

Watch the video below to see Ankur Patar rebuild the Rembrandt and find out more about Make a Masterpiece here.

The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) has announced its National Awards winners.

The Awards showcase incredible architecture around the UK, including:

Wilton’s Music Hall, a stunning renovation of a Victorian building

Greenwich Gateway Pavilions, a sleek leisure space on the South London peninsula

Investcorp Building, which has the signature curves and edges of Zaha Hadid’s most iconic projects

The winners are now eligible for the next stage of the RIBA Awards calendar: the shortlist for the prestigious Stirling Prize.

Discover all of the winners here and let us know your favourites.

Wolfgang Buttress' 'The Hive' has finally come to London.

The striking experience, which debuted at the 2015 Milan Expo, is an intricate manmade beehive, with thousands of aluminium strands woven into a lattice.

The installation is currently in London’s Kew Gardens; showcasing hundreds of LED lights, the installation glows, hums, and buzzes to mimic the life of a bee.

The aim of the piece is to 'highlight the plight of the honeybee, [and] focus attention on the importance of pollination in our food chain, by reinterpreting apiarian ecology as an immersive multi-sensory experience.' 

The Hive opened to the public last weekend and you can visit until 2017, find out more here and let us know if you'll be experiencing the unique installation.

How would Degas or Van Gogh bring Impressionism into today’s world of memes and social media?

To promote its latest exhibition of Impressionist paintings, New York Botanical Garden has created a unique site, Impressify.

Impressify lets users upload any image, such as the legendary Grumpy Cat, and manipulate three filters to transform the picture into an Impressionist painting.

The site allows you to control the thickness of the virtual brush strokes, and even upload GIFS of your finished work to social media with #GardensOnCanvas.

Read more about Impressify here and give it a go.

We all know brands love to tie in with national days, but Nissan has gone beyond the obligatory hashtag and celebrated National Donut Day in style.

On 3rd June, the car manufacturer took the opportunity to promote the latest Nissan 370Z, with the help of racing driver Chris Forsberg.

Forsberg drifted the car through 2,800 pounds of sprinkles, coating 300 doughnuts in spectacular fashion - even if it took fifteen times to fully cover each fluffy treat.

Watch the fun experiment below and tell us what you think of it.

Prepare to be mesmerised by some astonishing illusionist wall art.

German artist 1010 is known for his eye-catching work, creating the illusion of colourful depth with just paint.

Milan’s 10 A.M. Art gallery is currently showcasing a collection of 1010's unique multicoloured portals, which add mindbending perspective to the gallery's monochrome walls.

Take a closer look at the intriguing work here and let us know what you think of it.

How do you break out of a rut when brainstorming?

A clever set of prompt cards, ‘Triggers’, offers a variety of interesting 'What if' questions to help generate creative ideas.

The brightly coloured cards, which are designed to be used in creative agencies or for freelancers, come in four categories, 'Starter', 'User-centric', 'Innovation', and 'Serendipity'.

Take a look at the creative cards here and tell us if you'll be using them.

Kia has introduced its latest Soul model with some musical hamsters.

The car brand has resurrected its hamsters, which have appeared in its campaigns since 2009, creating a new spin on 'Duelling Banjos'.

With both humans and hamsters sharing the soul, the playful ad demonstrates how music is used as a 'universal language' to bring people together.

The ad, known as ‘Soul Jam’, took over 3,000 hours to create and saw nearly thirty musicians take part in the musical fun.

Watch the ad below and read more about the #ShareSomeSoul campaign here.

A creative new campaign for IKEA Saudi Arabia shows just how affordable its products are.

The clever posters transposes IKEA products onto everyday items, such as toothpaste and pizzas, aiming to demonstrate the brand's value for money.

For instance, one of the colourful ads reveals that IKEA's pink bedside lamp costs the same as fifteen cans of drink.

Take a look at more of the innovative ads here and let us know what you think of the campaign.

A brewery's latest marketing drive promotes its new packaging - which can be eaten by marine animals.

Saltwater Brewery have created the first biodegradable six pack ring, made from leftovers from the brewing process (such as barley and wheat), tackling the ongoing issue of human waste polluting the sea.

The company said: "We want to create quality beer, but any way we can promote educational awareness of the ocean environment and making sure that it's healthy."

Read more about the edible packaging here and tell us if you think other companies should consider this environmentally friendly approach.

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