We’ve covered a lot of Christmas ads, but our favourite must be Allegro’s ‘English’.

Set in Poland, the ad follows a pensioner as he learns English with the help of products he finds on Allegro (the country’s popular online marketplace).

He takes to his task with a touching enthusiasm, exclaiming phrases on public transport and sticking Post-Its to everything in sight – including his dog.

While it gives him a new lease of life, the reason behind his determination isn’t clear until the end of the ad, when the moving truth emerges.

Watch the pensioner’s pursuit of language below and let us know your favourite Christmas ad this year.

There aren’t many bath products that are also fun and educational – but then there’s Archaeology Soap.

These colourful bars of soap consist of four distinct layers made from different materials (so they erode at different rates), representing the layers of the Earth.

And, if that wasn’t enough, the soaps also contain two plastic dinosaurs which are gradually revealed as the ‘Earth’s layers’ wear away.

Strictly speaking, it should be called Palaeontology Soap (as the word ‘archaeology’ doesn’t apply to dinosaurs’), but its creators have said they will change the name.

Take a closer look at the fun soap cubes here and tell us what you think of Archaeology Soap.

Boots' Christmas ad celebrates the 500,000 women who will not be with their family this Christmas Day, instead working to keep our country running.

The heart-warming ad sees the Boots team treat 45 real women to ‘The Gift of Beauty’, providing a pamper day and makeover to recognise the amazing work they do over the festive period.

Women from various industries, such as paramedics, midwives, farmers and police officers, were brought together for the day, ending with a final ‘reveal’ to friends and family.

Watch the full ad below and let us know what you think of it.

Wildlife photographer Anup Shah has explored the vast Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya, taking some truly awe-inspiring images.

The series of 100 black and white photos includes galloping giraffes, stampeding zebra, and a very hungry-looking hippo, which, according to Shah, tell 'stories of anger, death, hope, arrivals and departures'.

Shah, who's collected his images in his new book The Mara, told My Modern Met that his use of black and white 'opens up a world of tone, texture, lines, contrast, light and shadow — a different world — within which to balance the personality of an animal'.

Take a look at a few of the stunning images here and tell us what you think of his work.

This year Morrisons is highlighting the importance of food (and family) this Christmas!

Its humorous ad features a bright young boy revising for Trivial Pursuit, which he plans to play against his grandad on Christmas Day.

Morrisons' staff are featured throughout, going the extra mile to help the young boy on his quest to success.

Watch the full ad below and let us know if you'll be dusting off your favourite board games this Christmas.

Artist Asae Soya uses paint and rays of light to create dazzling displays of colour.

Using white walls as her canvas, Soya combines video projections with reflective decals to transform mundane rooms into immersive spaces bursting with beautiful colour.

Visitors can walk through her work, losing themselves in kaleidoscopic, dynamic installations.

See her full work here and tell us if you'd explore her colourful rooms.

A fun project reveals the creativity of Swiss designers, celebrating the power of the imagination.

Let’s Play asks some of the country’s leading creative to pose for a portrait ‒ before building something out of wooden blocks.

But there’s a catch: they have to use three blocks left behind by the previous player and they have just half an hour to perfect their creation.

Let’s Play then combines each portrait with a picture of the designer’s construction, creating diptychs that offer a unique insight into creativity.

See more of Let’s Play here and let us know what you think of the project.

H&M has launched its festive four minute ad - and it's directed by the one-and-only Wes Anderson.

The ad follows the story of a vintage train diverted due to treacherous weather conditions, meaning passengers are unable to get home for Christmas.

Passengers are offered a complimentary Christmas on-board by the conductor, played by Adrien Brody, where they socialise in harmony - and in glam H&M clothes.

Watch the full ad below and tell us what you think of it.

Christmas is in full swing across the city, including stunning lights on Oxford Street and cosy Christmas markets.

This year the Tate Modern has fully embarked on the Christmas spirit, decking out the space between the museum and the Thames with pretty wooden chalets.

The market will be offering a selection of sweet treats, unique jewellery, and intricate decorations. Also a special feature this year is a beautiful Victorian Carousel.

Explore the full list of offerings here, will you be taking a trip to the Tate Modern this Christmas?

The Natural History Museum has revealed its shortlist for Wildlife Photographer of the Year - People’s Choice.

We can vote for our favourite pictures from a shortlist of 25 exceptional images, including David Maitland’s colourful ‘Willow up close’, the inspirational ‘Sisters’ by Bernd Wasiolka, and Victor Tyakht’s dramatic ‘Rainbow wings’.

The breadth and variety of the collection is incredible in itself ‒ discover the beautiful pictures here and let us know which one you’ll be choosing.

Image Credit: Victor Tyakht

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