H&M's new ad has some hilarious star power: David Beckham and Kevin Hart.

The Road Trip, which promotes the clothes brands' new Modern Essentials collection, sees the unlikely duo heading to Las Vegas to pitch their 'I, Beckham' musical.

Taking selfies with a sheriff, messing around with merchandise, and coordinating their clobber are just a few of the things David and Kevin get up to on the way to Vegas.

The five minute ad follows last year's campaign, in which Kevin moved into David's house to prepare for playing the famous footballer.

Watch the full ad below and let us know if you want the ad series to continue.

Sand art may be a bit reminiscent of playschool, but one artist's classics-inspired work is ingenious.

Bruce Shapiro's kinetic sand table, Sisyphus, incorporates magnets which draw a metal ball through delicate grains of sand, creating geometric patterns in a seamless, hypnotic fashion.

Sisyphus, named after the Greek mythical figure, comes with a 'playlist' of pre-programmed patterns, while users can control speed of play and lighting.

Shapiro said: ‘over time I have come to view Sisyphus as more than a kinetic art piece: it is an instrument. As a musical instrument plays songs, Sisyphus plays paths. My goal with this Kickstarter is to get Sisyphus into people's homes’.

Explore Sisyphus in more detail here; are you inspired by this kinetic creation?

Bulgarian artist Christo Guelov transforms mundane black and white zebra crossings into colourful works of art, raising awareness of the artistic beauty around us.

Guelov's projects Funnycross and Funnycross II use bright colours and striking geometry to breathe new life into simple zebra crossings.

The artist says he tries to 'inquire into 'something' apparently non-existent or invisible to others and to provide it with real presence' - and, of course, draw attention to the crossings for the sake of road safety.

See Guelov's collection of colourful crossings here; which is your favourite design?

Adobe goes James Bond for a fun new ad, which features a secret agent overcoming various tricky communication scenarios.

The 'Secret Agent', which was shot in Budapest, focuses on the challenges of cross-channel marketing, ending in a hilarious customer service nightmare.

Adobe described the campaign as highlighting 'a very common problem for brands – the lack of connection between their different communication channels’.

Watch the full ad below and let us know what you think of it.

Food designer Kristiane Kegelmann creates intricate edible sugar sculptures that combine art with amazing flavour combinations.

Kegelmann's work is colourful and expressive, drawing inspiration from her surroundings and adventures.
Her creations include a stack of floral-edged wedges, a stripy monochrome tower topped with a red flower, and a delicate tree – all of which look too good to eat!

She says: ‘as a food designer I am interpreting the patisserie in a completely new and unrestrained format. With my sculptures and performative installations I want to question the rigid ties of the patisserie and then incorporate such discoveries into an artistic context’.

See Kegelmann's collection here and tell us which is your favourite sugary sculpture.

If you were in central London last week, you might have spotted some rather innovative shop windows.

Some fantastic architects transformed one of London's top retail destinations for this year’s RIBA Regent Street Windows project, creating ten bespoke window installations.

The project for the London Design Festival showcases a vast display of colours, light and material; one window by Knox Bhavan Architects and Susie MacMurray saw Molton Brown's window gain a series of glass bottle chandeliers suspended above a sea of roses.

Take a look at the full display here; which is your favourite window?

German artist Felix Jaensch has turned one of our favourite-ever toys into incredible free-standing statues.

Felix builds colourful LEGO bricks into mesmerising animal sculptures - not letting an inch of detail go to waste, from tiny beaks to pointy claws.

The parrot sculpture in particular really catches your eye, due to its bright colours and lifelike detail.

Felix starts most of his pieces from scratch, however, some are supported by the helpful LEGO Kits from MOC Nation.

See his full collectin of LEGO animals here and let us know your favourite.

If you're in London this weekend, or Manchester next, you can go even further with some holiday-themed pop-ups.

Two tourist boards have created fun experiences bringing a bit of the exotic to autumn: South African Tourism has launched a virtual reality pop-up in London’s Southbank Centre, immersing visitors in shark diving and more, while Trinidad and Tobago Tourist Board is staging an island pop-up in Manchester's Trafford Centre, featuring the full island experience from relaxing on a golden sandy beach to enjoying live jazz and limbo challenges.

Both boards are taking the immersive approach to promote their sunny destinations - what do you think of these experiential ideas?

Read more about the South African experience here and the Trinidadian pop-up here.

British designer Es Devlin has created a dazzling maze of mirrors inside an old warehouse in Peckham.

Her Mirror Maze, which includes an exclusive scent from Chanel, divides into four rooms separated by oval portholes.

The exhibition blissfully disorientates attendees as they venture through darkened, mirrored spaces, which include passing through a gigantic projection of Devlin’s design process, spiralling up a reflective staircase, and being immersed in a bright red room filled with smoke.

The innovative installation is open until 25th September; read more about it here.

easyJet's latest campaign takes a surreal look at our holiday excitement at the start of a journey.

The 'Why not?' ad sees a traveller dreaming of a whirlwind of psychedelic activities, such as waterskiing down the stairs of an aeroplane, dancing on a giant keyboard, and encountering an angry man made of flowers.

After all that fun, the ad returns to where the real adventures begin: in the seat of an easyJet plane on the way to a new destination.

Watch the full ad below and tell us what you think of it.

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