A chocolate brand has shown a life in a day in its new heartwarming ad.

The clever ad by Dove Chocolate (known as Galaxy in the UK) follows a little girl as she transforms into a teenager and then an adult, embarking on a life's worth of adventures in just 24 hours.

From kissing a stranger to walking across high railings to attending a protest, the woman goes on a rollercoaster of emotions, tugging at our heartstrings – always in the long blue dress she slipped on as a child.

Dove Chocolate said the ad was created to ‘empower fans to enjoy every moment of life with no regrets – even a moment as small as biting into a piece of silky smooth Dove Chocolate’.

Watch the ad below and let us know if you’ve been inspired to seize the day.

A photographer has explored the beauty of flowers by freezing them in blocks of ice and capturing them as they thaw.

For their Zero Degrees project, Bruce Boyd and Tharien Smith freeze delicate blooms and then throw them into all kinds of water, including swimming pools and muddy puddles.

This creates stunning effects as the ice warps and cracks, revealing the vibrancy of the frozen flowers.

Boyd says: ‘we use ice as a medium to display the beauty of flowers. I find it fascinating that ice can preserve something and at the same time also enhance or distort the beauty of it’.

Take a look at Zero Degrees here and let us know what you think of the work.

Amy Genser, a mixed media artist, crafts rolls of textured paper into spectacular abstract images of dynamic coral reefs.

Genser creates huge works of art by cutting and rolling reels of coloured paper, arranging these at different heights to give the works an immersive, three dimensional feel, replicating the depths of the ocean.

Using a profound colour palette full of deep blues and vibrant greens, the art looks strikingly realisitic and natural.

Explore more of Genser’s work here; let us know your favourite pieces.

Big brand names such as Google, Innocent, and Nandos have removed the As, Bs, and Os from their names to support the #MissingType campaign.

The NHS campaign, which first ran last year, aims to highlight the lack of people signing up to donate blood, with figures falling by 40% since 2005.

The awareness-raising campaign has now gone viral, with 21 countries taking part in the call for blood, with companies in Belgium, Ireland, and South Africa all dropping their letters.

Does #MissingType inspire you to give a pint or two? See more of the campaign here and tell us what other brands you’ve noticed dropping their letters.

An astonishing heart-inspired installation consumes the ceiling of the Southbank Centre in London.

SOFTlab’s Ventricle is a two-part sculpture, hanging either side of the Royal Festival Hall.

Commissioned for the Festival of Love, the aluminium installation is actually formed by gravity itself, reflecting and refracting a spectrum of light through the space.

SOFTlab said: ‘Like the weaving of the many cultures found in London and around the world the structures are a reflection on the idea that working together through love and by embracing our differences leads to unimaginably wonderful results.’

Explore Ventricle in more detail here and let us know if you’ll be seeing it in the flesh.

Image Credit: SOFTlab

An incredible installation floats 115 feet above a Los Angeles park, reflecting daylight in a shimmer of rainbow colours.

'Liquid Shard', developed by Patrick Shearn, is a two-layered silver canopy made of 15,000 square feet of filmy mylar strips, which aims to encourage passers-by to appreciate their surroundings.

Shearn said: ‘You feel the ripple of wind on your skin, and the scale of it feels small. But when you see this piece, you’re brought to an understanding of bigger motion around you.'

The mesmerising construction is a collaboration with the Architectural Association Visiting School, giving students the chance to explore technology and architecture through kinetic art.

See the magic in motion here and let us know what you think of the experience.

Brazilian street artist Eduardo Kobra has gone for gold with the world's largest street mural in honour of the Olympics.

Kobra's 'Las Etnias' ('The Ethnicities') is a dynamic, colourful creation, believed to be the largest mural created by a single person.

Covering a space of 32,000 square feet, the artwork uses nearly 2000 litres of paint to create five photographic-style faces reflecting the five Olympic rings, brightening up a once boring wall.

The piece conveys a serious message of connection and unity, while demonstrating Kobra’s vibrant geometric graffiti style.

See the colourful creation here and tell us what you think of it.

Interactive ads have just taken another step into the mainstream with Cotton Inc.'s 'choose your own adventure' style spot.

The video follows a day in the life of a young woman, with viewers given six chances to influence her choices, including a workout, a dog walk, and a birthday party.

The variety of options cleverly showcases the brand's fashion ranges, acting as a great promotion tool as well as an innovative piece of advertising.

Check out the interactive ad here and tell us if you want to see more innovative ads.

Pokémon Go has shown how innovative apps can be, blending digital with reality. A couple of new colour capture apps also take this approach, making colour accessible to everyone.

Pantone's app, Pantone Studio, lets you sample real life hues and match them to their exact Pantone colour, providing a full RGB, CMYK, and Hex breakdown. It also offers complementary shades so you can build and share fantastic palettes.

Cronzy App comes complete with a Bluetooth-synced smart pen, which can also scan and save colours. The pen holds two ink cartridges, which mix to create your exact colour, ready for you to use on any canvas you wish.

This innovative blend of creativity and technology is sure to be an interesting trend to follow - let us know if you're using a colour capture app.

One for Happy Friday: Nike’s new ad shows the inspirational story of Chris Mosier, the first transgender athlete to train for a triathlon.

'Unlimited Courage' reveals the adversity Mosier has overcome with sheer willpower and determination.

The narrator asks him questions, such as ‘how did you know you’d be accepted?’ and ‘how did you know you were strong enough to compete against men?’, with Mosier simply responding: ‘I didn’t’.

View Chris' incredible story below and let us know if it's inspired you to try something new.

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