An artist's delicate pieces of jewellery replicate some of the best city skylines in the world.

Ola Shekhtman is adding to her growing collection as she relocates to a new city every few years, letting her surroundings inspire her creativity. She then begins the process of melting, rolling, sawing, and soldering the metal by hand to reflect the architectural beauty of her new home.

Cities that have been transformed into rings include London, Paris, and New York, along with intricate recreations of Hong Kong, Amsterdam, and San Francisco, letting wearers take their favourite architecture wherever they go.

See more of these delicate architectural pieces here and let us know your favourite.

Tic Tacs are known for being tiny yet full of flavour - and a new series of ads shows them on some whirlwind adventures.

Four 30 second spots show the cheeky sweets getting up to some adrenaline-pumping escapades, including jumping the Grand Canyon and cage driving with sharks.

The message behind these action-packed clips is simple: Tic Tacs are full of flavour, character and excitement – so what happens when you pop one in your mouth?

Watch a Tic Tac jump the Grand Canyon below and see the other clips here - let us know your favourite. 

Temporary tattoos are becoming a big thing at festivals, but a new 'smart' version takes innovative design a step further.

Duoskin's temporary tattoos are controlled by touch and body heat, thanks to the gold leaf from which they are made.

The innovative items, which come in a variety of snazzy geometric designs, stick to the skin like ordinary temporary tattoos - except they are also connected to electronics, which allow them to conduct electricity.

This means that wearers can interact with devices like smartphones, simply by touching the tattoo in certain ways.

Discover how this advanced body art works below, and let us know if you'll be going smart for a temporary tattoo.

In the era of digital streaming, how are we viewing content?

Recent research conducted by Clusters has found out that on average, we watch three hours of television a day and spend another two viewing content on a mobile device or tablet.

Interestingly, the study suggests that claims that 'the box' is on its way out are a bit premature, with more emphasis now on live-streaming, playback, and sites like Netflix.

The 1,000 respondents were divided into six demographics, including millennial 'Device Hoppers', conventional 'Knowledge Hunters', and lone 'Indifferent Onlookers'.

Read the full report here and let us know if this matches your viewing habits.

An artist creates intricate paintings of animals - on bird feathers.

Krystle Missildine's painstakingly delicate work is showcased on wild turkey and macaw feathers, which she transforms into vibrant birds, fierce tigers, and bubbly clownfish.

The process is incredibly time-consuming but looks worth it, as the texture of the feathers adds an extra dimension to her work.

See more of Missildine’s beautiful creations here and let us know your favourites.

We've all seen eye-catching billboards, but how about ones that attract all of our senses?

An innovative multisensory ad for Ford Mustang targets business travellers in Indian airports, using a luxurious red carpet to sense passers by.

When passengers stroll down the carpet, the billboard activates, releasing wind and artificial smoke and generating the thunderous sound of a revving engine.

The clever billboard immerses viewers in the Ford Mustang experience - take a look at how it works here, and let us know if you'd love to experience a multisensory ad.

A chocolate brand has shown a life in a day in its new heartwarming ad.

The clever ad by Dove Chocolate (known as Galaxy in the UK) follows a little girl as she transforms into a teenager and then an adult, embarking on a life's worth of adventures in just 24 hours.

From kissing a stranger to walking across high railings to attending a protest, the woman goes on a rollercoaster of emotions, tugging at our heartstrings – always in the long blue dress she slipped on as a child.

Dove Chocolate said the ad was created to ‘empower fans to enjoy every moment of life with no regrets – even a moment as small as biting into a piece of silky smooth Dove Chocolate’.

Watch the ad below and let us know if you’ve been inspired to seize the day.

A photographer has explored the beauty of flowers by freezing them in blocks of ice and capturing them as they thaw.

For their Zero Degrees project, Bruce Boyd and Tharien Smith freeze delicate blooms and then throw them into all kinds of water, including swimming pools and muddy puddles.

This creates stunning effects as the ice warps and cracks, revealing the vibrancy of the frozen flowers.

Boyd says: ‘we use ice as a medium to display the beauty of flowers. I find it fascinating that ice can preserve something and at the same time also enhance or distort the beauty of it’.

Take a look at Zero Degrees here and let us know what you think of the work.

Amy Genser, a mixed media artist, crafts rolls of textured paper into spectacular abstract images of dynamic coral reefs.

Genser creates huge works of art by cutting and rolling reels of coloured paper, arranging these at different heights to give the works an immersive, three dimensional feel, replicating the depths of the ocean.

Using a profound colour palette full of deep blues and vibrant greens, the art looks strikingly realisitic and natural.

Explore more of Genser’s work here; let us know your favourite pieces.

Big brand names such as Google, Innocent, and Nandos have removed the As, Bs, and Os from their names to support the #MissingType campaign.

The NHS campaign, which first ran last year, aims to highlight the lack of people signing up to donate blood, with figures falling by 40% since 2005.

The awareness-raising campaign has now gone viral, with 21 countries taking part in the call for blood, with companies in Belgium, Ireland, and South Africa all dropping their letters.

Does #MissingType inspire you to give a pint or two? See more of the campaign here and tell us what other brands you’ve noticed dropping their letters.

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