Gartner has revealed its forecast for next year’s top ten technology trends.

The trends, which are sure to shape business strategy over the next year, emphasise the intelligence behind tech, with AI and intelligent apps coming top in the list.

Gartner’s predictions also look at immersive reality technologies, such as virtual reality and augmented reality, and Fintech, like blockchain and distributed ledgers.

Discover the full list here and let us know which tech trends you think will be making waves next year.

Have you spotted one of the latest trends on social media? Feast your eyes on a variety of visually satisfying pictures by artist Adam Hillman, who takes ordinary objects and arranges them by colour and shape.

By creating bold images that appeal to our love of patterns, Hillman is building up a devoted Instagram following.

He told Bored Panda: ‘It takes an average of two hours to execute an arrangement, not including the time it takes to conceptually formulate it’, demonstrating the painstaking effort which goes into achieving these seemingly whimsical snapshots.

See Hillman's Instagram here and tell us which are your favourite images.

London's Design Museum has launched a new video promoting its move to Kensington, showing that design really is all around us.

The short film, released ahead of the Museum's November opening, shows an incredible variety of designs, from the seemingly simple, such as shoes, to the groundbreaking, like 3D printing.

Watch the full video below; you can also look out for the ad in cinemas, on social media, and while you're out and about.

Will you be dropping in to the relocated Design Museum?

easyJet has created an immersive theatrical experience as part of its ‘Why Not’ campaign, encouraging a bit of spontaneity in all of us.

The event, which promoted Holland as a holiday destination, saw a mysterious plane door land in Shoreditch, offering an entry into an enchanted adventure.

Passers-by saw the country come to life, with 'intriguing characters, larger-than-life surroundings and plenty of surprises along the way', complete with tulips, bicycles, and The Girl with the Pearl Earring.

Read about the full campaign here, are you inspired to take a break?

Hold the press: Japanese artist Chie Hitotsuyama creates incredible animals from old newspapers.

By tightly rolling strips of wet newspaper, the artist conjures colourful textures and intricate details, such as the rough fur of snow monkeys and hippo wrinkles, to make her creations eerily lifelike.

Hitotsuyama's work stems from her belief that animals are equal to humans, which can be seen from her incredible care and attention to each piece.

See the full collection of animal sculptures here; which is your favourite?

A renowned artist has added another dimension to Paris' Gothic architecture with a stunning virtual reality installation.

Miguel Chevalier has transformed the Sant-Eustace Church with his project, entitled Voûtes Célestes, or Celestial Vaults.

Chevalier uses virtual reality (VR) to map a colourful night sky on the church's high ceilings – but that's not all.

Celestial Vaults actually tracks the movement of visitors who travel through the church, changing shape and colour against the dramatic architecture.

The experience is completed with enchanting musical improvisations and repertoires, creating an immersive adventure into the mysterious Gothic.

See the full experience here and let us know if you'd love to explore the Celestial Vaults.

A design studio has proposed transforming electricity pylons into giant figures.

Choi + Shine's 'The Land of Giants' turns these bleak, unloved structures into beautiful 150ft tall sculptures, suggesting locations for them around the world.

In the proposal, the figures are seen perching on the edge of cliffs, dancing through fields, and frozen on mountains.

The studio said: 'Like the statues of Easter Island, it is envisioned that these one hundred and fifty foot tall, modern caryatids will take on a quiet authority, belonging to their landscape yet serving the people, silently transporting electricity across all terrain, day and night, sunshine or snow.'

See the designs here and tell us what you think of them.

We’re delighted to be recognised in Feedspot’s ‘Best 100 B2B Marketing Blogs for BtoB Marketers’!

The Think Tank blog appears at number 24, and we’re in great company among some well-respected blogs and industry sites.

Our blog has been looking at the best design, architecture, and advertising stories for several years, and we’re delighted to have built a loyal and engaged audience.

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Wondering what the future of imagery looks like?

Shutterstock has released a helpful infographic demonstrating the top trends that are bound to shape how we take, share, and use photos.

Celebrating Shutterstock's one million-strong collection, the infographic sees mobile phone photography coming in at number one, due to our increased ability to share photographs quickly and easily.

Other interesting trends include street style, which is often seen in fashion, and hyperreality, which blends reality with fantasy.

See the full infographic here and let us know which trends you'll be keeping a look out for.

Most of us won't know a fore-edge painting by its name, but you've probably seen one or two before.

Fore-edge paintings are the intricate illustrations surrounding the leaves of a book, with tiny pigments building page by page to create stunning pictures.

Dating back almost a thousand years, fore-edge paintings saw their heyday in Georgian times and Atlas Obscura has taken a look at some of the surviving books.

From rustic scenes to author tributes, the works of art offer an intriguing insight to the history of design.

See some of these stunning books here; which is your favourite?

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