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A fun PR stunt for Ghostbusters literally breaks new ground in one of London’s busiest train stations. 

Ray Stantz may have described Mr Stay Puft as something that could never ever possibly destroy us, but have you seen the marshmallow man in Waterloo?

The iconic monster appears to have smashed his way from underground, where commuters are encouraged to take a selfie with the supernatural sweet guy - there's even a special snapchat filter available in the station.

Slime oozes over security cameras and on the tiles, while a pop-up Forbidden Planet booth is packed full of Ghostbusters merchandise.

Read more about the installation here and tell us whether you’ll be seeing the film.

Remember: whatever you do, don't cross the streams.

A stunning new installation outside the National Gallery brings art to life with thousands of colourful flowers.

The Flower Council of Holland's incredible artwork uses over 26,500 blossomed flowers to recreate Ambrosius Bosschaert the Elder's 'A Still Life of Flowers in a Wan-Li Vase'.

The work took thirty florists two days to complete, with the help of a digital print, 100 blocks of florist foam, and a built in water irrigation system to keep the flowers fresh.

Watch the making of the masterpiece below and tell us whether you’ve visited it yet.

Wolfgang Buttress' 'The Hive' has finally come to London.

The striking experience, which debuted at the 2015 Milan Expo, is an intricate manmade beehive, with thousands of aluminium strands woven into a lattice.

The installation is currently in London’s Kew Gardens; showcasing hundreds of LED lights, the installation glows, hums, and buzzes to mimic the life of a bee.

The aim of the piece is to 'highlight the plight of the honeybee, [and] focus attention on the importance of pollination in our food chain, by reinterpreting apiarian ecology as an immersive multi-sensory experience.' 

The Hive opened to the public last weekend and you can visit until 2017, find out more here and let us know if you'll be experiencing the unique installation.