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From sleek skyscrapers to cloistered cathedrals, London is known for its distinctive mix of architecture.

Time Out London has put together a list of the best buildings in the city, celebrating some of the most beautiful and iconic places in London, such as the Shard and Tate Modern, along with some more unlikely destinations such as pubs, Tube stations, and council estates.

Buildings which feature on the list include The Lloyd’s Building, which saw Richard Rogers take the building's traditional interior features and relocate them to the outside edges of the tower to create an eye-catching, quirky façade.

See the full list here and let us know which is your favourite London building.

A fun PR stunt for Ghostbusters literally breaks new ground in one of London’s busiest train stations. 

Ray Stantz may have described Mr Stay Puft as something that could never ever possibly destroy us, but have you seen the marshmallow man in Waterloo?

The iconic monster appears to have smashed his way from underground, where commuters are encouraged to take a selfie with the supernatural sweet guy - there's even a special snapchat filter available in the station.

Slime oozes over security cameras and on the tiles, while a pop-up Forbidden Planet booth is packed full of Ghostbusters merchandise.

Read more about the installation here and tell us whether you’ll be seeing the film.

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