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Do you think about safeguarding against identity theft on your social media?

Fraud prevention company Cifas created a unique shock tactic to encourage you to strengthen your privacy settings - with the help of a pop-up coffee shop.

The company's 'Data to Go' campaign invited Facebook users to like a coffee shop’s page to receive a free coffee and pastry.

But by providing their names, these unwitting customers didn't realise that with a simple online search, the coffee shop could find out all about them while they waited for their reward.

To the shock of the waiting customers, the barista would then shout out personal information such as employment, age, or even education, for them to collect their coffee.

Watch the stunt below and tell us whether this would make you change your privacy settings.

A new survey reveals marketers’ priorities for the next twelve months and how they feel about the next big technology leaps.

The research, by Publicitas, looks at how publishers, agencies, and advertisers are stepping it up to meet consumer expectations, drawing on responses from 672 participants in the media industry.

In all three sectors, content marketing is the number one focus, while other priorities make appearances in the top five across the sectors, including ad personalisation, programmatic, and accurate audience measurement.

Immersive technologies are also on the agenda ‒ 70% of respondents agree that Virtual Reality will drive the next technology revolution.

Download the infographic and whitepaper here and let us know what you think will be driving the next technology leap.

GoPro has teamed up with the furry friends from The Secret Life of Pets for its latest ad.

To promote both the film and GoPro equipment, the fun new ad showcases adrenaline junkies and their mindblowing stunts, with their animal counterparts trying out the daredevil stunts themselves.

From Mel the adorable dog bungeeing to sneakily snatch a hot dog, to Norman the guinea pig surfing the crazy waves of the bathtub, the ad provides GoPro with a lighter touch.

Watch the fun ad below and let us know what you think your pet would get up to with a GoPro.

Now, we all know that you shouldn't shake fizzy drink in a can…

Unless it’s Orangina.

The brand's latest marketing campaign literally turns our shake phobia upside down, with its brand new can.

With previous campaigns stressing the importance that you shake the drink to mix the pulp together for best flavour, the brand realised that people might be a little bit reluctant to shake the can.

This unique packaging makes you turn the drink upside down so you can open it - mixing your drink for the best flavour and consistency without as much as a shimmy or a shake.

The clever solution won a Silver Lion in at Cannes.

Watch the ad below and tell us what you think of it.

How would you like to capture your memorable moments with a napkin holder?

Coca-Cola’s Happiness 360 is a wireless camera built into a branded napkin holder, offering a full 360 degree view of the table.

Lucky restaurant-goers in Spain can connect to the camera via their phones to snap and share their celebrations and get-togethers.

Watch how it works below and tell us what you’d capture around your table.

Apple's latest ‘Shot on iPhone’ campaign showcases incredible colour.

From deep reds and oranges to vibrant yellows, blues, and greens, each billboard captures the beauty of colour in a series of striking images.

Incredibly, the photos were all taken with an iPhone 6s and the visual impact of the campaign has meant it's been rolled out across twenty five countries.

The agency behind the campaign said: 'Each photo is a striking expression of colour that can stand on its own, but when paired together they provide a breath-taking colour spectrum that forces you to stop and admire the beauty of the world around us.'

Find out more about the 'Shot on iPhone' campaign here and tell us what you think of it.

Why go to the gym when you can work out at your local bus stop?

Reebok’s latest campaign ‘The Gym is Everywhere’ has transformed some of Colombia's bus stops into pop-up gyms.

Six bus shelters are now equipped with gym equipment, including steps and bars, while a personal trainer is on standby to get members of the public moving while they wait.

Those taking part can take a snap and upload it to social media to show off their exercise accomplishments and promote the campaign.

Watch the video below and tell us whether you’d get involved in the fun experience.

We all know brands love to tie in with national days, but Nissan has gone beyond the obligatory hashtag and celebrated National Donut Day in style.

On 3rd June, the car manufacturer took the opportunity to promote the latest Nissan 370Z, with the help of racing driver Chris Forsberg.

Forsberg drifted the car through 2,800 pounds of sprinkles, coating 300 doughnuts in spectacular fashion - even if it took fifteen times to fully cover each fluffy treat.

Watch the fun experiment below and tell us what you think of it.

How do you break out of a rut when brainstorming?

A clever set of prompt cards, ‘Triggers’, offers a variety of interesting 'What if' questions to help generate creative ideas.

The brightly coloured cards, which are designed to be used in creative agencies or for freelancers, come in four categories, 'Starter', 'User-centric', 'Innovation', and 'Serendipity'.

Take a look at the creative cards here and tell us if you'll be using them.

Kia has introduced its latest Soul model with some musical hamsters.

The car brand has resurrected its hamsters, which have appeared in its campaigns since 2009, creating a new spin on 'Duelling Banjos'.

With both humans and hamsters sharing the soul, the playful ad demonstrates how music is used as a 'universal language' to bring people together.

The ad, known as ‘Soul Jam’, took over 3,000 hours to create and saw nearly thirty musicians take part in the musical fun.

Watch the ad below and read more about the #ShareSomeSoul campaign here.

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