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With an estimated 3.5 million commuters on the London Underground each day, the system can be a bit of a daunting experience for tourists.

But a clever infographic by Free Tours of London delves into the dos and don’ts of travelling on the tube as safely and easily as possible.

The top ten hacks include the best place to stand on the platform, avoiding card clash. and handy shortcuts around the network.

Discover the cheeky cheats here and let us know your own tips and tricks for getting around the capital.

Brazilian telecom company Oi has injected a sense of fun into its latest rebrand with a personalised logo.

Oi’s new logo responds to the unique sound and touch of each consumer, shifting shape and colour to create a unique variant of the branding.

You can then save your very own vibrant logo and share it on social with the hashtag #MyOi.

The campaign is a collaboration between Oi, design shop Wolff Olins, and software company Onformative.

Watch the technology behind the making of the unique Oi logo below and find out more about creating your own Oi logo here.

A renowned sunglasses brand is combining its classic style with Instagram illustrations.

Persol has teamed up with illustrator Jonathan Bartlett to create a ‘Choose your own adventure’ graphic novel, called ‘Meet the new generation’.

The black and white story is ideal for Instagram, creating a panel effect, with every few panels offering ‘tap to choose’ options ‒ Bartlett then draws the following images based on Instagrammers’ votes.

Persol said: ‘The campaign puts users in the shoes of Frankie Malone, a rebel seeking to overthrow a regime that has outlawed free thought and stamped out individuality. It's a classic dystopian thriller that takes its cues from films like Blade Runner, Gattaca and Minority Report while modernizing the story for the world of social media.’

Follow the story in progress here and tell us what you think of it.

Iconic cartoon character Top Cat has made an unlikely return ‒ applying for a mortgage at Halifax.

After the animated feline and his friends are turfed out from their trash can by Officer Dibble, they turn to the building society to help them find a new home.

In a move that’s sure to induce nostalgia, the ad mimics the original hand-drawn style of the characters, who seamlessly interact with the human actors and their surroundings.

Watch the ad below and read more about it here.

To celebrate the return of one of the biggest shows on television, Moleskine has remade its opening sequence with paper.

The stationery brand’s version of Game of Thrones’ titles, called ‘Paper Epicness’, uses over 7,000 individual paper cutouts, recreating King’s Landing in painstaking stop motion.

Moleskine is also releasing a new range of notebooks referencing the houses of Stark, Lannister, and Targaryen, with silkscreen prints by Levente Szabò.

Watch Paper Epicness below and find out more about the making of here. To what other TV shows should Moleskine pay a papery tribute?

Adweek's fun new quiz determines what marketing or media job would best suit your unique personality.

Questions include ‘what’s your ideal work attire’, 'at a party, you can be found...' and ‘what's the best perk an employer can offer’, with plenty of multiple choices to work out your dream career.

With roles in writing, PR, and Account Management, your result also lists your possible job titles and what characteristics you would need.

Take the quiz here and let us know what job suits you - does it match your current career?

BMW’s new promotion brings an interactive spin to YouTube ads, offering a high-octane take on the magic cup trick.

The ad shows model Gigi Hadid climb into one of five sleek blue sports cars - but as they race and swerve, the challenge is to keep your eye on Gigi's car with the clickable 360˚ feature.

And if you think you know which car is Gigi's by the end of the short ad, you can vote on the campaign website.

Give the experience a go below and find out more the ad's creation here.

Every marketer has their own opinion on what makes an attention-grabbing ad, but what about the analytical approach?

Google teamed up with Mondelez International to test how ad length influences consumer reactions, in terms of ad skipping, recall, and sentiment.

The experiment used a Honey Maid ad cut to three different lengths, revealing that the shortest ad (15 seconds long) was the most skipped, yet also the most memorable, while the longest video (over 2 minutes) was particularly good at improving 'brand favourability'.

Discover the surprising findings in more detail here and tell us what you think - are shorter ads really more memorable?

Ever thought your beloved pet deserves its own Facebook profile?

Created by Pedigree Spain, The Posting Tail is an innovative system which lets your dog take a snap and post it on social media.

The kit consists of a wearable vest and a tail sensor, which detects your canine companion wagging its tail - in other words, when your pooch is at its happiest.

Completed by a camera, GPS data, and a Raspberry processor, The Posting Tail takes pictures and posts them on Facebook, offering little insights into your pet's world.

Watch the system in action below and let us know if you'd buy one for your pooch.

Times change, and so do trends, which means much-loved brands can fall out of favour. But what about the ones that bounce back against the odds?

This week’s Friday Five looks at some iconic companies that have breathed new life into their branding:

1. Old Spice
The 70 year old company leapt into the present with its hilarious ‘smell like a man, man’ campaign, which became a sudden viral sensation.

2. Microsoft
As an established brand, Microsoft took a different turn by completely redesigned its logo (pictured); luckily this paid off and was well received by consumers.

3. Polaroid
Digital photography should have been the death of Polaroid, with the company even filing for bankruptcy - twice. But the brand has made the most of the affection towards retro tech to stage a surprising comeback.

4. Toyota 
With consumer trust damaged after recalls, Toyota took a personal approach to its marketing, reconnecting directly with its customers.

5. Apple 
Apple has had its ups and downs, but now dominates its market with successful product launch after successful product launch. In 2011, Apple became the world's most valuable company.

This is just our pick - tell us which brands you think have made incredible comebacks.

Got an idea for our Friday Five series? Tweet us @thinktanklondon.

Image Credit: underconsideration

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