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easyJet has created an immersive theatrical experience as part of its ‘Why Not’ campaign, encouraging a bit of spontaneity in all of us.

The event, which promoted Holland as a holiday destination, saw a mysterious plane door land in Shoreditch, offering an entry into an enchanted adventure.

Passers-by saw the country come to life, with 'intriguing characters, larger-than-life surroundings and plenty of surprises along the way', complete with tulips, bicycles, and The Girl with the Pearl Earring.

Read about the full campaign here, are you inspired to take a break?

We’re delighted to be recognised in Feedspot’s ‘Best 100 B2B Marketing Blogs for BtoB Marketers’!

The Think Tank blog appears at number 24, and we’re in great company among some well-respected blogs and industry sites.

Our blog has been looking at the best design, architecture, and advertising stories for several years, and we’re delighted to have built a loyal and engaged audience.

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Cadbury's Milk Tray Man has finally made a long-awaited return to our television screens!

Chosen from a sea of 20,000 applications for the prestigious role, fireman Patrick McBride won the competition and appears in the brand new ad.

Our new Milk Tray Man can be seen skydiving from an aeroplane over treacherous terrain, before riding a white horse through the dark of night and, of course, finishing with a delivery of a Milk Tray box - all because the lady loves.

Watch the full ad below and tell us what you think of the Milk Tray Man's return.

Ever had an idea for an ad that you dream of making real? Some lucky New Yorkers have been contributing their own ad concepts for a fun 'streetsourcing' campaign for Asus.

Two improv artists asked members of the public to come up with their own quirky ideas, which were then combined into what the campaign describes as 'the best ad ever'.

The ad, called 'The Alien and The Dinosaur', includes a dinosaur chase on a tropical beach and an alien at a house party - sadly someone's idea of cats that turn into men didn't make the cut.

Promoting the launch of the Asus ZenFone, the ad is designed to show that the phone can ‘empower people to do anything they want’.

Find out more about the ad here and watch it below; let us know what you would include in the ad.

As we spend more time on our phones and tablets, the way we consume advertising is changing. But what ad formats are making an impact with us?

Publicitas has released new research which reveals that interactive mobile ads are far more engaging than interstitial ones.

‘The Format Effect ‒ Part I’, produced in partnership with Kantar Millward Brown and Honor, asked consumers to select words which described the two formats, with some interesting findings.

Interactive ads were seen as ‘fun’ (ranked +91% higher than interstitial), ‘different’ (+90%), and ‘engaging’ (+70%), while interstitial formats were described in less glowing terms, such as ‘nothing new’ (+71% higher than interactive).

Find out more about this enlightening research, including a handy downloadable infographic, here and tell us what you think of interactive mobile ads.

KitKat has brought some sweet treats to London with its new experimental pop-up targeting millennial consumers.

Launching in Westfield Stratford, the Chocolatory is selling and displaying exclusive flavour KitKats, as well as giving hungry onlookers the chance to create their own personalised eight finger bar.

Visitors could select their own three toppings, including chili peppers and raspberries, to create a bespoke box.

Nestle explained the pop-up move by claiming 'the personalisation element is key to reaching the elusive millennial market'.

Take a look at the full experience here; have you created your own KitKat yet? Is this type of immersive personalisation an effective marketing tool?

eMarketer's latest report suggests that digital advertising spend in the UK will continue its healthy growth for the rest of the year.

The forecast reveals a 12% growth in digital ad spend, with advertising on social platforms making a significant contribution.

For instance, Facebook's ad revenue is predicted to grow by 31.1% this year, totalling £1.19 billion, which, when combined with Google and Twitter's ad revenues, accounts for almost 40% of digital ad spend in the UK.

The growth is being attributed to our behaviour on mobile, with eMarketer senior analyst Bill Fisher saying: 'This is simply a response to consumer behaviour, with the majority of social media usage now occurring on mobile, and mobile search behavior, too, becoming more pronounced.'

Read the full report here and let us know your thoughts on digital advertising.

Drones have recently taken the world by storm, from filming high above the clouds in exotic locations to aiding military operations.

However, they now have a more light-hearted use: cake decorating, as seen in Telia's new ad. 

The ad sees a team of flying drones splattering icing, shooting sweets, and lighting a sparkler candle on a perfectly constructed three-tier cake to celebrate the brand's 4G mobile network coverage.

See the drones in action below and tell us what you think of their cakey creation.

H&M's new ad has some hilarious star power: David Beckham and Kevin Hart.

The Road Trip, which promotes the clothes brands' new Modern Essentials collection, sees the unlikely duo heading to Las Vegas to pitch their 'I, Beckham' musical.

Taking selfies with a sheriff, messing around with merchandise, and coordinating their clobber are just a few of the things David and Kevin get up to on the way to Vegas.

The five minute ad follows last year's campaign, in which Kevin moved into David's house to prepare for playing the famous footballer.

Watch the full ad below and let us know if you want the ad series to continue.

Adobe goes James Bond for a fun new ad, which features a secret agent overcoming various tricky communication scenarios.

The 'Secret Agent', which was shot in Budapest, focuses on the challenges of cross-channel marketing, ending in a hilarious customer service nightmare.

Adobe described the campaign as highlighting 'a very common problem for brands – the lack of connection between their different communication channels’.

Watch the full ad below and let us know what you think of it.

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