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Winter, and therefore Halloween, is coming - perfect timing for one company’s dark new advertising campaign.

SABMiller’s new print ad for its Abraxas beer is almost completely black, with a hidden message that can only be activated if readers slide their smartphone light along the page.

Once lit, a golden bottle and gothic poem are revealed, describing the beer as an ‘equinoctial brew for the chosen few’.

This innovative ad conjures the feeling of being invited into a select club of drinkers; see the campaign in action below and let us know what you think of it.

The intriguing idea that people enjoy peeling bottle labels has inspired an innovative scratchable bottle by Beck’s.

The beer brand's new limited edition bottle incorporates a thin aluminium foil, providing a blank canvas for beer lovers to scratch and peel their own design or doodle while they drink.

Designed to capture a younger and more outgoing audience, Beck’s new bottles are sure to inspire some creativity - or at least a bit of fun.

Watch the video below and tell us what you think.

A fun new ad sees one of our favourite Muppets get 'set up'.

The brilliant video covers the romantic ups and downs between Kermit and Miss Piggy, ahead of their new Muppets TV show airing this autumn.

Featuring a range of American celebrities and Miss Piggy at her outrageous best, the ad also promotes the Emmys and Audi's new hybrid car - quite a feat for a four minute spot.

Watch the ad below and tell us if you'll be tuning in to the new show.

Coca-Cola is bringing a smile to Swedish commuters’ faces with its innovative ‘Coke-moji’ billboard.

The unique subway station billboard in Stockholm combines facial recognition and emojis to spread some much-needed happiness at one of the dullest times of day.

Displaying a bold (and some might say cheeky) emoji bottlecap face, the billboard mimics the facial expressions of its audience, who can’t resist adding a few seconds to their journey for a touch of joy.

The billboard is an extension of Coca-Cola’s #MakeItHappy campaign; you can see how some passers-by joined in the fun below.

Unilever's latest advertising campaign promotes clean water with beautiful, surreal print posters.

The ads show how the Pureit water purifier can apparently transform murky water, using the disorienting perspective of a 'water's-eye-view'.

The posters depict supposedly normal rural and urban settings, but objects that are seemingly floating in the sky are actually on the surface of the astonishingly clear water, with soft ripples revealing the truth.

Take a look at the print campaign here and tell us what you think. has created fifty weird and wonderful real-time ads based on its users' online shopping carts.

The personalised videos referenced shoppers' purchases in often surreal ways, with barbershop quartets, a man in an owl mask, and turtles all joining in with the fun.

Incredibly, some of the short films were turned around in mere minutes, thanks to the production team's conveyor belt style, which was aided by a comedy writer and an improv troupe.

Watch one of the crazy clips below and see the others here. Let us know which ones you like.

Ever had that one strapline or catchy jingle stuck in your head all day? Some would say that’s what marketing is all about, not just increasing sales or lead generation.

Brands that position themselves effectively and correctly are often those which become part of your everyday life. Some are so good they can change your thoughts, feelings, and attitudes towards the brand or even a whole industry.

The Guardian has put together some of the most unforgettable brand straplines and reveals the stories behind their creation.

The top lines include Nike's ‘Just do It’, L’Oreal's ‘Because you’re worth it’, and Tesco's ‘Every little helps’.

Read the stories behind the straplines here and tell us which brands you think have created memorable lines.

A fun new ad by Castor & Pollux Natural Petworks takes a look at an age-old question: can dogs read? 

The star of the advert is an adorable Old English Sheepdog. Orders like ‘roll over and we will give you a bag of treats’ appear on the screen, but gain no reaction from the dog - except a very clueless face.

The ad's strapline reveals the punchline: ‘They can’t read ingredients, you can’, emphasising that as an owner, you are in control of what they eat.

Brighten up your day - watch the ad below.

Having trouble deciding what SUV suits you best? Hyundai has got it covered with a new Instagram quiz.

In its new campaign, Hyundai has focused heavily on social media, including its new lifestyle quiz, which matches the user with one of its latest SUVs.

With 390 images spread across 18 separate Instagram accounts, a series of multiple choice questions, including 'what wouldn’t you leave home without?' and 'what is your favourite time of the day?' leads users through the quiz and to their perfect SUV.

Give the quiz a go here and tell us what you think.

Known for its innovative Christmas advertising, John Lewis has launched a brilliant new ad for Home Insurance guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

The ad's strapline, ‘If it matters to you, it matters to us’, has been expressed through a little girl with a slightly clumsy but heartfelt passion for dancing.

With the young girl twirling, leaping, and prancing around the house, she nudges and taps all the fragile, precious items in the house - reminding viewers to enjoy family life with the comfort of knowing your home and its contents are insured.

Watch the clever ad below and tell us if it's brightened up your day.

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