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easyJet's latest campaign takes a surreal look at our holiday excitement at the start of a journey.

The 'Why not?' ad sees a traveller dreaming of a whirlwind of psychedelic activities, such as waterskiing down the stairs of an aeroplane, dancing on a giant keyboard, and encountering an angry man made of flowers.

After all that fun, the ad returns to where the real adventures begin: in the seat of an easyJet plane on the way to a new destination.

Watch the full ad below and tell us what you think of it.

Virgin Holidays has taken a unique approach with its latest advertising campaign, transferring viewers into a real time holiday experience.

The 'Say hello to the world' ad was live-streamed on 10th September, showcasing exclusive locations around the world, including Barbados, Dubai, and Hawaii.

A ninety-strong production crew simultaneously filmed people snorkelling, surfing, and flyboarding around the world, live-editing the action into a pretty slick sixty second spot.

The ad is part of Virgin Holidays' new ‘Seize the Holiday’ campaigns, which aims to communicate that ordinary people can make these incredible holidays a reality.

Watch the ad below and are you inspired to book a winter break?

Channel 4 has broadcast the UK’s first ever sign language-only ad, raising awareness during the Rio Paralympic Games.

The three Maltesers ads, Theo’s Dog, New Boyfriend, and Dance Floor, continue the ‘look on the light side’ campaign with friends chatting about humorous scenarios – and they aim to improve the ‘representation of disability in advertising’.

The first airing of Theo’s Dog saw the ad deliberately broadcast without sound and subtitles, leaving most viewers unable to understand the conversation, while the other ads also reflect the diversity of modern Britain.

Watch the ground-breaking ads here and let us know your favourite.

Audi’s new ad shows a different side to the legendary Quattro – set to the theme tune of ‘Are You Being Served’.

The Audi A4 playfully manoeuvres around shop aisles, encountering narrow corners and everyday floor surfaces, like parquet and gravel, and everyday floor obstacles, such as spilt milk and ice.

The ad, which showcases Audi’s all-wheel drive technology, aims to challenge the misconception that this feature only benefits the car and its driver in extreme conditions.

Audi effectively communicates the message of the ad as the car passes through the checkout, stating ‘All-wheel grip for everyday trips’.

Watch the full ad here and tell us if it challenges your perceptions of the brand.

Elegant, otherworldly, and sensual are all words we might associate with perfume ads, which often try to convey an air of sophistication.

But the new ad for Kenzo World stands out, thanks to its quirky approach and expressive star.

The ad, directed by Spike Jonze, sees Margaret Qualley burst into dance, flinging herself around a beautiful hall with impressive exuberance ‒ and her face is a sight to behold.

Qualley said: ‘When we think about perfume campaigns, we think about a pretty girl with a bottle. This clip is exactly the opposite. It's very multi-faceted and different; it takes the spectator by surprise.’

Watch the ad below and find out more about the campaign here - tell us if you’d be happy to see more unique perfume ads.

Tic Tacs are known for being tiny yet full of flavour - and a new series of ads shows them on some whirlwind adventures.

Four 30 second spots show the cheeky sweets getting up to some adrenaline-pumping escapades, including jumping the Grand Canyon and cage driving with sharks.

The message behind these action-packed clips is simple: Tic Tacs are full of flavour, character and excitement – so what happens when you pop one in your mouth?

Watch a Tic Tac jump the Grand Canyon below and see the other clips here - let us know your favourite. 

A chocolate brand has shown a life in a day in its new heartwarming ad.

The clever ad by Dove Chocolate (known as Galaxy in the UK) follows a little girl as she transforms into a teenager and then an adult, embarking on a life's worth of adventures in just 24 hours.

From kissing a stranger to walking across high railings to attending a protest, the woman goes on a rollercoaster of emotions, tugging at our heartstrings – always in the long blue dress she slipped on as a child.

Dove Chocolate said the ad was created to ‘empower fans to enjoy every moment of life with no regrets – even a moment as small as biting into a piece of silky smooth Dove Chocolate’.

Watch the ad below and let us know if you’ve been inspired to seize the day.

Big brand names such as Google, Innocent, and Nandos have removed the As, Bs, and Os from their names to support the #MissingType campaign.

The NHS campaign, which first ran last year, aims to highlight the lack of people signing up to donate blood, with figures falling by 40% since 2005.

The awareness-raising campaign has now gone viral, with 21 countries taking part in the call for blood, with companies in Belgium, Ireland, and South Africa all dropping their letters.

Does #MissingType inspire you to give a pint or two? See more of the campaign here and tell us what other brands you’ve noticed dropping their letters.

Interactive ads have just taken another step into the mainstream with Cotton Inc.'s 'choose your own adventure' style spot.

The video follows a day in the life of a young woman, with viewers given six chances to influence her choices, including a workout, a dog walk, and a birthday party.

The variety of options cleverly showcases the brand's fashion ranges, acting as a great promotion tool as well as an innovative piece of advertising.

Check out the interactive ad here and tell us if you want to see more innovative ads.

One for Happy Friday: Nike’s new ad shows the inspirational story of Chris Mosier, the first transgender athlete to train for a triathlon.

'Unlimited Courage' reveals the adversity Mosier has overcome with sheer willpower and determination.

The narrator asks him questions, such as ‘how did you know you’d be accepted?’ and ‘how did you know you were strong enough to compete against men?’, with Mosier simply responding: ‘I didn’t’.

View Chris' incredible story below and let us know if it's inspired you to try something new.

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