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A chocolate brand has shown a life in a day in its new heartwarming ad.

The clever ad by Dove Chocolate (known as Galaxy in the UK) follows a little girl as she transforms into a teenager and then an adult, embarking on a life's worth of adventures in just 24 hours.

From kissing a stranger to walking across high railings to attending a protest, the woman goes on a rollercoaster of emotions, tugging at our heartstrings – always in the long blue dress she slipped on as a child.

Dove Chocolate said the ad was created to ‘empower fans to enjoy every moment of life with no regrets – even a moment as small as biting into a piece of silky smooth Dove Chocolate’.

Watch the ad below and let us know if you’ve been inspired to seize the day.

Big brand names such as Google, Innocent, and Nandos have removed the As, Bs, and Os from their names to support the #MissingType campaign.

The NHS campaign, which first ran last year, aims to highlight the lack of people signing up to donate blood, with figures falling by 40% since 2005.

The awareness-raising campaign has now gone viral, with 21 countries taking part in the call for blood, with companies in Belgium, Ireland, and South Africa all dropping their letters.

Does #MissingType inspire you to give a pint or two? See more of the campaign here and tell us what other brands you’ve noticed dropping their letters.

Interactive ads have just taken another step into the mainstream with Cotton Inc.'s 'choose your own adventure' style spot.

The video follows a day in the life of a young woman, with viewers given six chances to influence her choices, including a workout, a dog walk, and a birthday party.

The variety of options cleverly showcases the brand's fashion ranges, acting as a great promotion tool as well as an innovative piece of advertising.

Check out the interactive ad here and tell us if you want to see more innovative ads.

One for Happy Friday: Nike’s new ad shows the inspirational story of Chris Mosier, the first transgender athlete to train for a triathlon.

'Unlimited Courage' reveals the adversity Mosier has overcome with sheer willpower and determination.

The narrator asks him questions, such as ‘how did you know you’d be accepted?’ and ‘how did you know you were strong enough to compete against men?’, with Mosier simply responding: ‘I didn’t’.

View Chris' incredible story below and let us know if it's inspired you to try something new.

Most of us are guilty of taking snaps of our food, but what if we tried to do so in the 18th Century?

IKEA's 'Let's Relax' ad takes a light-hearted look at how our need to compete on social media is changing the way we interact at home.

The ad takes us back to the 18th Century, where an affluent family sits down to a hearty feast. Except... they have to paint it before they can eat it.

Once the masterpiece is complete, the tableau does the rounds of the local community, with residents giving their thumbs up or thumbs down.

Watch the ad below to see how it ends and let us know your thoughts.

Heathrow taps into our emotions with a new ad celebrating its 70th anniversary.

Telling the story of a five year old girl embarking on her first journey through the airport, the ad focuses on her owl suitcase, which conveys an impressive amount of character in its expressive eyes.

Targeted primarily towards families, this heartwarming story encourages viewers to reminisce about their first flight experiences, and it looks to the future with its 'to the next 70 years of flight' tagline.

Watch this lovely ad below and let us know if it gets you nostalgic.

Some iconic posters are familiar with generation upon generation of consumers, but do we really understand the history behind them?

Wallpaper Direct has gathered the stories behind some of these well-known prints, including the omnipresent 'Keep Calm and Carry On' poster, Andy Warhol's soup cans, and a striking artwork from the 1830s.

The infographic reveals the date and creator of each of the posters, along with some background information about its production and influence.

Learn more about these iconic posters here and let us know your favourites - is there one that you think should be on the list?

The Flintstones have returned from Bedrock to feature in a new Halifax advert.

Promoting Halifax's current account switch, Fred Flintstone embarks on a journey to find a more modern bank, contrasting with his caveman origins - but why does Fred want to switch?

The first ad in the series saw Top Cat applying for a mortgage, while Fred will also appear in Halifax branches and online.

Watch the Flinstones' return below and let us know what you think of the ad.

Do you think about safeguarding against identity theft on your social media?

Fraud prevention company Cifas created a unique shock tactic to encourage you to strengthen your privacy settings - with the help of a pop-up coffee shop.

The company's 'Data to Go' campaign invited Facebook users to like a coffee shop’s page to receive a free coffee and pastry.

But by providing their names, these unwitting customers didn't realise that with a simple online search, the coffee shop could find out all about them while they waited for their reward.

To the shock of the waiting customers, the barista would then shout out personal information such as employment, age, or even education, for them to collect their coffee.

Watch the stunt below and tell us whether this would make you change your privacy settings.

A new survey reveals marketers’ priorities for the next twelve months and how they feel about the next big technology leaps.

The research, by Publicitas, looks at how publishers, agencies, and advertisers are stepping it up to meet consumer expectations, drawing on responses from 672 participants in the media industry.

In all three sectors, content marketing is the number one focus, while other priorities make appearances in the top five across the sectors, including ad personalisation, programmatic, and accurate audience measurement.

Immersive technologies are also on the agenda ‒ 70% of respondents agree that Virtual Reality will drive the next technology revolution.

Download the infographic and whitepaper here and let us know what you think will be driving the next technology leap.

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