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Just in time for Valentine's Day, hearing aid manufacturer Cochlear has released an innovative new ad highlighting the widespread problem of hearing loss.

The ad follows a couple's love story, seeing their relationship blossom but also the ups and downs they have to overcome.

However, it’s not all plain sailing for the viewer: the ad is actually disguised as a hearing test, intended to fool your senses with muffled noises and quiet speech - and how the relationship ends is left to the viewer's hearing ability.

Will they sort out their differences? Watch the full ad below and let us know your interpretation.

Kia has released a fun new ad starring Melissa McCarthy, who tries to save the world to the most epic soundtrack of them all: Bonnie Tyler's 'Holding Out For A Hero'.

The tongue-in-cheek spot, 'Hero's Journey' sees the actor respond to emergencies, but most of the scenarios she ends up in go hysterically wrong.

For instance, a giant whale flings Melissa into the abyss, hugging a tree is brought to a premature end, and when she's asked to save the polar ice caps, she plants a warning sign a little too forcefully into the ice...

Luckily all the adventurous scenarios are just dreamt up by Melissa as she drives in her new Kia.

See the full ad below and let us know what you think of it.

Chocolate brand Milka has released a new ad celebrating some of the most amusing first tastes we experience in life.

The fun ad sees a baby suck a lemon, a teen get flustered as he bites into a raw chili pepper on a date, and a daring Grandma devour a packet of popping candy - before turning to a young girl trying Milka for the first time.

While it's certainly not as dramatic as the other reactions, it's clear that girl loves her first taste of the chocolate.

Watch the full ad below and let us know the most adventurous food you've tried.

A new exhibition at the London Transport Museum takes a look at the design evolution ‒ and creative callbacks ‒ of iconic London Underground posters.

Over the years, the posters have captured the cultural mood of the time, referencing various themes including art, fashion, and music.

However, the new 'Re-imagining Historic Posters' exhibition also reveals how Art Deco has remained dominant in London Underground design, even as recently as last year's 'Brightest London' poster by Virginie Morgand.

21 posters feature in the exhibition, including 1999's Simple Fashion by Trickett & Webb, which shows an elegant woman wearing the iconic tube circle as a hat.

Take a look at some of the posters, compared by Creative Review here, and tell us if you'll be visiting the exhibition.

Heinz has taken experiential marketing a step further on the streets of London, surprising commuters with 'emergency' tomato soup.

The well-known brand has been 'hiding' soup in bright red emergency boxes in some of the coldest towns and cities this winter, encouraging the lucky finders to break the glass 'in case of emergency'. 

Brilliantly, the scarlet soup cans look at home in the boxes, which were devised after research found that 75% of us choose soup to warm us through the winter.

Keep your eyes peeled and let us know if you’ve found a can; read more about the campaign here.

American car brand Chevrolet has teamed up with the new LEGO Batman Movie - on a lifesize LEGO Batmobile.

The incredible installation (and the stuff of childhood dreams) is appearing at car shows in North America, while a tongue-in-cheek ad and webpage also buy into the idea.

The ad sees LEGO characters working as a focus group, asking what type of person would drive a Batmobile. Batman remains in the background throughout, challenging certain opinions, such as the lack of a backseat would mean the driver would have few friends.

Watch the fun ad below and let us know if you'd love a LEGO Batmobile.

A German film student has created a deeply emotional (and unofficial) ad for Adidas.

‘Break Free’ by Eugen Merher follows the story of a retired marathon runner in a care home for the elderly, who gets a new lease of life after finding some old Adidas trainers.

However, after trying to break free, his lifeline is confiscated by the nurses; can his friends band together and help him achieve his dream?

Watch the full ad below and let us know if it inspires you.

Scooby-Doo and the rest of the Scooby gang follow in the footsteps of Top Cat and The Flintstones – by featuring in Halifax’s latest ad.

The new ad sees Scooby and the gang escape a close encounter with a scary mummy, conveniently stumbling into a local Halifax branch, where they discuss how the building society's rewards can help them buy Scooby Snacks!

After finding out how they can enjoy their money back, we see Scooby and Shaggy enjoying a pizza, forgetting all their money – and mummy – troubles. But will the mummy's true identity be revealed in the traditional way?

Find out by watching the full ad below and tell us which other much-loved cartoon characters should turn up in our ads.

Travel operator Thomson has released a new ad playing with time and motion, reminding us to make the most of the special memories created on family holidays.

The ad, simply called 'Moments', features a young girl exploring her holiday destination whilst her surroundings are frozen in time, from birds stuck in the sky to towels being caught mid-shake.

But the dream-like world has to come to an end with the girl jumping into the swimming pool - but will she freeze too? 

Watch the magical ad below and tell us if you've booked your summer getaway yet.

It’s been a while since iconic ad figure the Jolly Green Giant has been on our screens ‒ but now he’s back.

The vegetable-touting titan stars in two new ads, including Snow Angel, which sees him befriending a little girl.

The fun ad reimagines the Jolly Green Giant as an explorer, who’s been away travelling the world to create some healthy new products.

Watch the ad below and let us know if you’re a fan.

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