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A family in Japan have mastered a unique artistic technique: completing intricate paintings with just one lick of paint.

The Takase family create stunning lucky dragons, using a process called 'ippitsuryu' to achieve their art with a single stroke.

With just a brush and an ink wash, the family depend on the ‘beauty of the brushstroke’, varying pressure and position to create colourful portraits.

See Fumiko Takase perform her one stroke painting below and let us know if you'll try this craft.

A stunning installation reflects the sea on an idyllic California beach, curving with the coastline.

Phillip K. Smith III's '1/4 Mile Arc' consists of 250 stainless steel posts spaced apart evenly, stretching across the tideline of Laguna Beach.

Described by Smith as a 'compression and expansion of reflection, light, and shadow', the installation changes based on perspective: from one angle, it appears to be a continuous reflective ribbon, or as a series of dramatic sentry points from another, with the colours reflected transforming as time and tide ebbs and flows.

Take a closer look at 1/4 Mile Arc, part of the Art & Nature Festival, here aand tell us what you think of the project.

A German film student has created a deeply emotional (and unofficial) ad for Adidas.

‘Break Free’ by Eugen Merher follows the story of a retired marathon runner in a care home for the elderly, who gets a new lease of life after finding some old Adidas trainers.

However, after trying to break free, his lifeline is confiscated by the nurses; can his friends band together and help him achieve his dream?

Watch the full ad below and let us know if it inspires you.

MyModernMet has discovered some of the most vibrant examples of stair art, including a spectrum of mosaics and almost-photographic likenesses of famous artists.

The selection include a stunning blue fish scene in Seoul, South Korea, and a San Francisco community project led by Aileen Barr and Colette Crutcher.

The project, called 'The 16th Avenue Steps', took two and a half years to create, with 300 volunteers coming together to create a colourful staircase inspired by stained glass.

Take a look at more stair art here; which is your favourite?

Scooby-Doo and the rest of the Scooby gang follow in the footsteps of Top Cat and The Flintstones – by featuring in Halifax’s latest ad.

The new ad sees Scooby and the gang escape a close encounter with a scary mummy, conveniently stumbling into a local Halifax branch, where they discuss how the building society's rewards can help them buy Scooby Snacks!

After finding out how they can enjoy their money back, we see Scooby and Shaggy enjoying a pizza, forgetting all their money – and mummy – troubles. But will the mummy's true identity be revealed in the traditional way?

Find out by watching the full ad below and tell us which other much-loved cartoon characters should turn up in our ads.

Travel operator Thomson has released a new ad playing with time and motion, reminding us to make the most of the special memories created on family holidays.

The ad, simply called 'Moments', features a young girl exploring her holiday destination whilst her surroundings are frozen in time, from birds stuck in the sky to towels being caught mid-shake.

But the dream-like world has to come to an end with the girl jumping into the swimming pool - but will she freeze too? 

Watch the magical ad below and tell us if you've booked your summer getaway yet.

Discover a captivating new addition to one artist's collection of floating light cubes.

Anila Quayyum Agha's work appears to defy space, pouring light through its detailed carvings into open rooms.

The striking cube, called ‘All The Flowers Are For Me’, is suspended from the ceiling; its steel intricately laser-cut to form floral patterns and geometric designs.

When the cube is lit from the inside, it reflects lace-like shadows onto its space, creating a beautiful atmosphere inside a white room.

See the full project here and let us know what you think of it.

Open your mind with one artist's incredible monochrome room illusions.

Australian artist Peter Kogler covers white rooms with bold black lines that intersect, twist, and curve, warping walls, floors, and ceilings to challenge our perceptions - often resulting in head-tilting double takes!

Kogler also transforms public spaces, such as galleries and train stations, to engage passers-by, encouraging them to interact with their unusual surroundings.

See more of Peter’s creative work here and let us know what you think of it.

Photographer Stephen Orlando creates spectacular pictures, capturing light in abstract forms.

Orlando's Instagram, Motion Exposure, showcases his incredible long exposure photographs of rowers, musicians, and more in motion as they 'paint with light'.

The bursts of ethereal light create streaks and patterns of dazzling colour, adding another dimension to stunning scenery and dramatic darkness.

Take a look at Orlando's full work here, which is your favourite piece?

MyModernMet has revealed its favourite creative installations of 2016 and it’s an adventurous list.

From spooky underwater scenes to bold political statements, the ten choices reflect a wide range of inspirations.

The installations include Bruce Munro’s field of light in the Australian desert and Ai Wei Wei’s #SafePassage, which covered the pillars of the Konzerthaus in Berlin with bright orange lifejackets.

Other choices include the pioneering The Floating Piers, formed of golden pathways leading to an Italian island, and an interactive installation featuring wood from 10,000 species of trees.

Discover the full list here and let us know which one is your favourite.

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