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A breathtaking advertising campaign provides a new perspective on America's national parks, blending striking scenery with people.

To raise money for government parks, the 'Find Your Park' ad features camouflaged visitors searching for where they truly belong.

The campaign's print ads splice park donors with some of the most visually stunning vistas the parks have to offer, reinforcing the sense of an emotional connection between humanity and nature.

Watch ‘Find Your Park’ below and read more about the campaign here.

Barbie has gone back to its roots with an adorable new campaign.

The ad, 'Imagine The Possibilities', shows unsuspecting adults reacting to young girls acting out their dream jobs as teachers, football coaches, and even vets.

The idea behind the ad was to return to the essence of the brand, empowering young girls to follow their dreams.

Watch the video below and let us know if you think it's inspirational.

Marketing relies on creating a deep connection with its target audience, and now brands are taking this one step further by personalising their packaging.

It's believed that millennials in particular appreciate the personal touch, while research from Siegel+Gale shows that personalised products ‘make people feel like the brand is more about them than about the brand’.

One big personalisation success story is Coca-Cola's ‘Share a Coke’ campaign, which launched their named coke bottles in stores and saw personalised ads on 4OD - this led to a 2.5% sale increase and 1.14 billion impressions across social media.

Read more about the trend here and let us know if you've come across any interesting personalised packaging.

‘The Hero’s Journey’ is a fun animation depicting one of the most common plots in literature - using some iconic film heroes along the way.

The short film, created by Iskander Krayenbosch, is a simple but effective retelling of the Monomyth, or ‘hero’s journey’, which most stories tend to stick to.

The video uses characters from Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Batman, and more to demonstrate each of the twelve stages, which include the call to adventure, the supreme ordeal, and resurrection.

Watch The Hero’s Journey below and tell us which other films are good representations of the Monomyth.

Marketers and comms professionals are always looking out for the next big trend, but are emojis here to stay?

A recent study by Emogi asked viewers to give their opinion on adverts by using just emojis, revealing that the pictorial language gave people a more nuanced way of expressing their feelings than words alone.

Some other interesting findings include how different demographic groups use emojis: nearly two thirds of people aged 35+ use emojis frequently, while almost 60% of women are emoji fans - all stats to help marketers create relevant, targeted campaigns.

Read more of the research here and tell us if you think emojis are the future of marketing,

From polka dots and fluorescent hair to coloured pooches and paper props, one department store in the Middle East is boasting an innovative advertising campaign.

Aizone's new ad series is eye-catching and artistic, drawing huge inspiration from Pop Art.

Instead of art imitating life in a flat, two-dimensional way, the designers have subverted this by making real life imitate the seminal movement, playing with expectations.

Everyday items, such as plants and glasses, are crafted out of paper and showcased as props, all styled with bright contrasting colours and patterns.

A series of behind the scenes videos showcase each little detail behind the production of this vibrant campaign, which is both cartoonish and elegant at once.

Watch the films here and tell us if you love this campaign.

One of the most beloved British commercials of all time has been recreated with fun twists reflecting today’s society.

Hovis' iconic 1973 advert portrayed the love and heritage the bread represented, with a young boy peddling up a cobbled hill.

Tapping into nostalgia, the new ad features three courageous children cycling into the great outdoors - a rather more high-octane interpretation, but maintaining the spirit of the original.

Watch the new ad below and read more about why this classic ad has been reinvented here.

If you're not a fan of heights, you may want to look away now: the world’s longest glass-bottomed bridge has opened in China.

Based on an old wooden walkway spanning two peaks of Buddha Mountain in Hunan, Hero's bridge has attracted tourists from all over the world.

The 300 metre walk is certainly not for the faint-hearted, with breathtaking views somewhat countered by a 180 metre drop.

Reinforced with steel and high-impact panels, the bridge is surprisingly (and thankfully) sturdy.

Take a closer look - if you dare - at the bridge here and tell us if you would take on Hero's bridge.

There are many things brands need to do to survive an ever-changing market - sometimes this includes evolving their logo.

After all, any brand wants their logo to be recognised without needing to resort to unnecessary wording or explanation

The Logo Company have created an insightful infographic that showcases how 12 well-known brands have evolved their iconic logos, including IBM, Apple, Pepsi, and Shell.

Apple is a great example: the timeline shows how the company began with a surprisingly dark and detailed logo, before its famous apple outline appeared and evolved, becoming increasingly monochrome and sleek as the brand became a technology giant.

One intriguing story belongs to Microsoft Windows, which has come full circle with a logo that is astonishingly close to its 1985 original.

Take a look at the other brands and the evolution of their logos here.

A new book inspires readers to recreate iconic architecture with LEGO.

Tom Alphin's 'The LEGO Architect' is perfect for aspiring designers of any age, depicting famous buildings and their LEGO counterparts.

With step by step instructions and details of all the bricks you need for each construction, the book encourages a playful, experimental approach beyond the standard LEGO Architecture sets that are currently available.

Showcasing seven styles from Neoclassical to Brutalism, The LEGO Architect looks at a wide variety of buildings, including St Paul's Cathedral and Le Corbusier's Unité d’Habitation.

Find out more about what the book has to offer here and tell us if you're inspired to get building with LEGO.

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