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Style and elegance may not be the usual words you associate with crazy golf, but some top designers are putting a new spin on the fun pastime.

London Design Festival has launched a Kickstarter campaign, which would see a crazy golf course with a difference take over Trafalgar Square.

Visionary Crazy Golf showcases a variety of unique sections, by designers such as Tom Dixon, Paul Smith, Camille Walala, and Zaha Hadid.

The colourful course, described as ‘fun, free, and futuristic’, would be installed in Trafalgar Square, during the Festival in September, while people who pledge to the campaign will receive limited edition items by the designers.

Find out more about the incredible project here and tell us if you’d visit Visionary Crazy Golf.

Iconic cartoon character Top Cat has made an unlikely return ‒ applying for a mortgage at Halifax.

After the animated feline and his friends are turfed out from their trash can by Officer Dibble, they turn to the building society to help them find a new home.

In a move that’s sure to induce nostalgia, the ad mimics the original hand-drawn style of the characters, who seamlessly interact with the human actors and their surroundings.

Watch the ad below and read more about it here.

To celebrate the return of one of the biggest shows on television, Moleskine has remade its opening sequence with paper.

The stationery brand’s version of Game of Thrones’ titles, called ‘Paper Epicness’, uses over 7,000 individual paper cutouts, recreating King’s Landing in painstaking stop motion.

Moleskine is also releasing a new range of notebooks referencing the houses of Stark, Lannister, and Targaryen, with silkscreen prints by Levente Szabò.

Watch Paper Epicness below and find out more about the making of here. To what other TV shows should Moleskine pay a papery tribute?

Do you know your King’s Cross from your King’s Road?

The Culture Trip has released a fun new quiz, testing you on common knowledge and some more obscure facts about Old London Town.

The quiz covers everything from Harrods and the Crown Jewels to EastEnders and Alexander McQueen, taking in Byron, the Beatles, and the British Museum in between.

Play the quiz here and let us know how well you know the capital.

A milkshake brand is delivering its products via Instagram - and the shakes are completely square.

Sonic’s Creamery shakes, which uses premium ingredients like bourbon and Madagascan vanilla bean, have been reconstituted in square form, especially for the Instagram campaign.

The campaign is targeted at visitors to Coachella festival, who can order their free shake on the social platform, which is hosting colourful images and pictures of the Creamery range.

Brilliantly, Sonic can geo-fence the festival, so they can track down the shake lovers in a matter of minutes - all the recipient has to do as payment is to take a snapshot of their gift and post it on Instagram.

Play the video to find out more about the fun campaign or read more about it here. What do you think of the idea? Let us know.

Need some CV inspiration?

DesignTaxi has put together ten of the most creatively designed CVs out there, which grab the attention and give a sense of the creator’s personality.

The selection includes graphic designer Vidar Olufsen’s ‘Top Secret’ career file, complete with fingerprint; Na Kim’s beautifully handwritten resume; and a fun video game-inspired CV that includes an inventory, skill levels, and quest log.

Explore the ten eye-catching CVs here and tell us which one is your favourite.

Image Credit: Alysa Choudri

Jeep Germany has released an incredible new range of tyres that bring a sense of off-road adventure to city dwellers.

Jeep’s Adventure Tires integrate rocky terrain into the actual rubber, so urban Jeep drivers can feel like they’re driving somewhere fun like a mountain range rather than just popping down to the shops.

Take a closer look at the product, which is ‘inspired by nature, engineered by Jeep’, here and tell us if you’ll be upgrading your tyres.

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Just in case we haven't had enough chocolate after Easter, Carlsberg experimented with the sweet treat as part of its 'If Carlsberg did...' campaign.

The brewer created a functioning three-dimensional, full-sized bar made entirely out of chocolate, from the bar stools to the glasses.

Disguised as a billboard which was then unveiled, the branded 'Chocolate Bar' in Shoreditch used an amazing half ton of chocolate to provide the sweet experience.

For just five hours, the bar's patrons could enjoy a half pint of Carlsberg in a chocolatey glass - this memorable stunt took over three months to put together.

Read more about the Chocolate Bar here and experience it for yourself below.

CreativeBloq’s new quiz lets you discover your ‘perfect font match’.

The quiz is ideal for those of us with an interest in typography; just answer ten simple multiple choice questions to find your spirit typeface.

With questions covering how you start your morning, how you feel about bad kerning, and your pick of phone case, the personality test will match you with one of six fonts, including Impact, Times New Roman, and Futura.

The Think Tank came out as Helvetica – take the quiz here and let us know your result.

Image credit: Cam Wilde

An American band has performed a flawless routine in a zero gravity environment - which also happens to be a moving aeroplane.

US rock band OK Go's unique video for 'Upside Down & Inside Out' incorporates sparkling disco balls, pinatas, and even exploding paint-filled balloons, adding more than a splash of colour to the surroundings.

The weightless video was created with the cooperation of Russian airline S7, who allowed the team to redecorate the plane to look like a passenger jet.

Watch the video below and read more about how they pulled it off here.

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