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Elegant, otherworldly, and sensual are all words we might associate with perfume ads, which often try to convey an air of sophistication.

But the new ad for Kenzo World stands out, thanks to its quirky approach and expressive star.

The ad, directed by Spike Jonze, sees Margaret Qualley burst into dance, flinging herself around a beautiful hall with impressive exuberance ‒ and her face is a sight to behold.

Qualley said: ‘When we think about perfume campaigns, we think about a pretty girl with a bottle. This clip is exactly the opposite. It's very multi-faceted and different; it takes the spectator by surprise.’

Watch the ad below and find out more about the campaign here - tell us if you’d be happy to see more unique perfume ads.

Tic Tacs are known for being tiny yet full of flavour - and a new series of ads shows them on some whirlwind adventures.

Four 30 second spots show the cheeky sweets getting up to some adrenaline-pumping escapades, including jumping the Grand Canyon and cage driving with sharks.

The message behind these action-packed clips is simple: Tic Tacs are full of flavour, character and excitement – so what happens when you pop one in your mouth?

Watch a Tic Tac jump the Grand Canyon below and see the other clips here - let us know your favourite.