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AAA State of Play has created an adorable infographic that showcases some wise words from some of our favourite fictional characters.

The chart analyses 32 much-loved figures, revealing the key lessons they impart that can influence our day to day lives. 

The characters include old classics such as K-9 from Doctor Who (‘kindness can create positive ripples that spread through time and space’) and more up-to-date characters like Dug in Up (‘an open heart will earn you joy, companionship and ice cream’).

Take a look at all the characters here and tell us which life lessons you can relate to.

Creative Market has created a colourful quiz that reveals which Pantone shade best reflects your personality.

The quiz analyses your character with 10 quirky questions, from ‘What best describes the everyday food you eat?’ to ‘You have your best creative ideas when?’

Pantone, which describes itself as 'the standard language for colour communication', also chooses the influential 'Colour of the Year' (currently Marsala).

We came out as 'Minion Yellow' - give the quiz a go here and tell us what colour you are.

What better way to celebrate the 11th Annual Guinness World Records Day than with a skateboarding bulldog?

Record-breaking Otto the  English Bulldog has achieved the impressive feat of weaving through thirty pairs of legs on his skateboard - without any human assistance.

Otto’s impressive achievement paid tribute to Tillman, the recently departed former record holder, and he has set a brand new world record for 'longest human tunnel travelled through by a skateboarding dog'.

Watch Otto’s skills in practice in the video below - congratulations to the lovable pooch.

Alex Haigh's pocket-sized design book has become a new bestseller.

The Little Black Font Book Volume 2 is a revised version of the 2012 edition, with a sleek red, white and black look which showcases a vibrant range of fonts in an accessible way.

Each font is specially formatted to reveal its true potential, so the book is ideal for showing ideas to clients or getting that crucial design inspiration.

The font book reached number one on Amazon's Typography book chart within just 24 hours of its launch.

Discover the Little Black Font Book Volume 2 here and let us know if you'll be buying it.

Amazon Prime's new ad sees a little Shetland Pony introduced to a field of horses - who run away from him.

The clever ad combines cuteness with Sonny & Cher's 'Little Man', telling the story of the poor little pony as he tries to make friends with the horses... until his owner makes the most of Amazon Prime's delivery service.

Find out how she saves the little horse from a life of loneliness by watching the ad below - tell us if you think it's a worthy successor to Flash the dog.

Did you know there is now a taco emoji?

This has naturally pleased American brand Taco Bell, which has been campaigning for a taco emoji since last year and has now launched its own ‘taco emoji engine’.

The ‘taco emoji engine’ invites Taco Bell’s followers to tweet the new digital sticker with another emoji, which the brand will mash up to create a brand new image.

Taco Bell has created 600 pieces of unique content for the campaign, supplemented by its Pop Art packaging in stores, which it is hoping customers will share on Instagram.

Find out more about Taco Bell’s fun campaign here and tell us what you think of it.

As we covered on yesterday’s #giftface blog, humour can be one of the most effective devices an advertising campaign can use.

Canva Design School has found some of the funniest ads from across the world, taking in cheeky packaging to ‘look twice’ print ads. Here are some of our favourites:

Pubfinder transformed two glasses of Guinness into a pair of binoculars, seamlessly conveying its brand proposition through an eye-catching, clever piece of design.

Hans Brinker Budget Hotel (proud to call itself the worst hotel in the world) embraced its reputation with some retro-themed, colourful posters, declaring snappy lines such as ‘Now: free key with your room’.

And Play-Doh, which presented one of its pots with a ‘Included’ badge…which listed everything from a tyrannosaurus to a robot to a tea set to a jet plane to anything else a child's imagination can conjure.

Take a look at the full collection here and let us know your favourites.

It truly is the season of giving, if the launch of the big Christmas ads is anything to go by.

But while some of them try to tug our heartstrings, one of our favourites comes from Harvey Nichols, advising us on how to avoid Gift Face.

The one-minute ad lets us experience the awkwardness of a woman giving her best Gift Face as she’s presented with a range of unwanted Christmas presents, including an awful jumper and a doorstop dictionary.

The high-end retailer finishes the spot with some of its products which would hopefully avoid the Gift Face phenomenon.

Watch the ad below and tell us how you’ll be avoiding Gift Face this year.

IKEA’s new addition to ‘The Wonderful Everyday’ campaign encourages adults to embrace their inner child.

The idea of relieving stress through creative fun is showcased within its TV ad, which sees children transform themselves into colourful characters.

By asking parents to ‘Come Home to Play’, the ad focuses upon encouraging child brain development  through playtime with their parents, as well as relieving stress and creative problems for adults.

Watch the ad below and release your inner child.

A new infographic by Huffington Post reveals some of the best places to visit at different stages of your life.

'An All-Inclusive Travel Guide For The Rest Of Your Life' takes in amazing destinations, from French Polynesia to Iceland, highlighting some of the great features to each area.

The 20 to 30 guide keeps it cheap and cheerful, offering ways to see the world on a budget, while the 40 to 50 section gives some great ideas for intrepid sorts with families to entertain.

Take a look at the infographic here and tell us where you’d like to visit - and why.

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