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As we spend more time on our phones and tablets, the way we consume advertising is changing. But what ad formats are making an impact with us?

Publicitas has released new research which reveals that interactive mobile ads are far more engaging than interstitial ones.

‘The Format Effect ‒ Part I’, produced in partnership with Kantar Millward Brown and Honor, asked consumers to select words which described the two formats, with some interesting findings.

Interactive ads were seen as ‘fun’ (ranked +91% higher than interstitial), ‘different’ (+90%), and ‘engaging’ (+70%), while interstitial formats were described in less glowing terms, such as ‘nothing new’ (+71% higher than interactive).

Find out more about this enlightening research, including a handy downloadable infographic, here and tell us what you think of interactive mobile ads.

In the era of digital streaming, how are we viewing content?

Recent research conducted by Clusters has found out that on average, we watch three hours of television a day and spend another two viewing content on a mobile device or tablet.

Interestingly, the study suggests that claims that 'the box' is on its way out are a bit premature, with more emphasis now on live-streaming, playback, and sites like Netflix.

The 1,000 respondents were divided into six demographics, including millennial 'Device Hoppers', conventional 'Knowledge Hunters', and lone 'Indifferent Onlookers'.

Read the full report here and let us know if this matches your viewing habits.

With millennials flocking to money saving accounts on social media, is it the end to 'bank of Mum and Dad'?

New research takes a look at the types of social media accounts young people are following ‒ with some surprising results.

25% of 18-24 year olds are likely to follow a money saving account, closely followed by travel (20%) and politics (19%). The more 'fun' accounts that we might expect millennials follow do appear in the top ten, but a bit further down ‒ for instance, animals only appear at number six (despite the popularity of the likes of Grumpy Cat), while beauty appears at number seven.

These results reveal how diverse the millennial audience really is, shedding light on how marketers can target such a large demographic.

Find out more about the research here and let us know your thoughts.