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As virtual reality emerges into the mainstream, will 360˚ viewing join the advertising trends of 2016?
A couple of weeks ago, we covered the latest BMW ad, an interactive 360˚ offering featuring the model Gigi Hadid.

However, BMW isn't the only company to make the most of the up-and-coming technology: GoPro has recently created a breathtaking video introducing its latest Omni product.

The video starts off like any other 360˚ ad, letting you explore the snowy ski slopes in full, but GoPro's Omni provides a clever twist. Omni's experience immerses you in a world of skiers, joining their every jump, duck, and slide down the mountain, from behind, in front, below, and even above.

But 360˚ video isn't just being used for products; hit TV show Game of Thrones has also used the technology to create a unique version of its opening sequence, which is said to have been viewed an estimated 5.3 million times within 24 hours.

These are just a few examples of how brands are using 360˚ technology; read more about the Game of Thrones experience here and let us know where else you’ve seen this latest trend.

Iconic cartoon character Top Cat has made an unlikely return ‒ applying for a mortgage at Halifax.

After the animated feline and his friends are turfed out from their trash can by Officer Dibble, they turn to the building society to help them find a new home.

In a move that’s sure to induce nostalgia, the ad mimics the original hand-drawn style of the characters, who seamlessly interact with the human actors and their surroundings.

Watch the ad below and read more about it here.

To celebrate the return of one of the biggest shows on television, Moleskine has remade its opening sequence with paper.

The stationery brand’s version of Game of Thrones’ titles, called ‘Paper Epicness’, uses over 7,000 individual paper cutouts, recreating King’s Landing in painstaking stop motion.

Moleskine is also releasing a new range of notebooks referencing the houses of Stark, Lannister, and Targaryen, with silkscreen prints by Levente Szabò.

Watch Paper Epicness below and find out more about the making of here. To what other TV shows should Moleskine pay a papery tribute?

Porsche is promoting its ‘innovative’ 911 car through what it describes as ‘the world’s first interactive hologram print ad’.

The spread in Fast Company magazine includes a flat piece of acetate, which can be assembled into a prism by following the ad’s instructions.

By placing the acetate prism on a tablet while playing Porsche’s special video, the Porsche 911 comes to life as a moving 3D hologram.

Both the video and prism were extensively worked on in order to produce the most effective hologram, conveying the 911 as a dynamic, vibrant car.

Watch the video below to see the exciting ad in action and let us know what you think of it.

Video is an increasingly crucial part of the content marketing mix, offering bitesize content with engaging visuals.

This is especially true when marketing to millennials, and understanding their online behaviour can help you craft tailored video content for this audience.

Defy Media’s Acumen Report reveals how young people consume video, providing some interesting insights, including why they watch videos (77% cite boredom), their attitudes towards ads, and their sources for video, such as YouTube, Netflix, and Facebook.

Take a look at the whole infographic here and tell us how effective you think video marketing is.

From ongoing stories to clever tech-driven scenarios, interactive ads have been making an impact over the last few years. Here is our pick of some of the best and most intriguing interactive campaigns.

1. Now is what you make it by Pepsi
Pepsi’s interactive video features several famous figures, such as Lionel Messi and Janelle Monae. Interactive choices are indicated by the cursor turning into a blue object, which can access exclusive content, like Monae singing David Bowie’s ‘Heroes’ and Messi signing a football with your name on it.

2. The House on Hallow Hill by Target
The retailer’s Halloween-themed adventure is incredibly detailed, providing a 360⁰ experience and click-to-buy offers.

3. Custom Motors Cup by Hot Wheels
This fun series of videos let kids and adults alike choose vehicles and car parts to compete in a three-stage tournament, with Hot Wheels branding throughout.

4. Choose a Different Ending by Metropolitan Police
A more hard-hitting educational campaign, offering multiple choices to viewers, who experience the point of view of a young man on the edge of trouble.

5. The Other Side by Honda
This clever video parallels two narratives, a school run in a Civic and a high-speed getaway in a Civic Type-R Concept racing car. You can switch between the two stories by pressing the 'R' button on the keyboard.

What great interactive ads have you come across recently? Let us know.

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When we consider the future, it’s easy to just think of climate change or flying cars…but not necessarily what’s going to happen to bread.

Well, Sweden’s Brödinstitutet (The Bread Institute) enlisted Edelman Deportivo to create a short film portraying a post-apocalyptic society which puts sustainability first.

Miraculously, bread has survived as one of the most ‘climate-friendly foods’ - a fact conveyed by a half-cyborg, half-reptilian chef.

Designed to encourage Swedes to eat more bread, the intriguing ad is just part of a wider ‘Bread the Future’ social media campaign.

Watch the ad below or find out more about the campaign here - does it persuade you to eat more bread?

An American band has performed a flawless routine in a zero gravity environment - which also happens to be a moving aeroplane.

US rock band OK Go's unique video for 'Upside Down & Inside Out' incorporates sparkling disco balls, pinatas, and even exploding paint-filled balloons, adding more than a splash of colour to the surroundings.

The weightless video was created with the cooperation of Russian airline S7, who allowed the team to redecorate the plane to look like a passenger jet.

Watch the video below and read more about how they pulled it off here.