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Apple has created a fun new ad – with a kids' rendition of Romeo and Juliet.

Created to show the magical differences of the iPhone 7, the ad features talented children acting out lines from the memorable play, depicting the lovers' reunion.

The big reveal comes when we see that a proud dad is filming his daughter playing Juliet in her school play, concluding with 'your movies look like movies on iPhone 7'.

Watch the full ad below and let us know your thoughts.

Artist Asae Soya uses paint and rays of light to create dazzling displays of colour.

Using white walls as her canvas, Soya combines video projections with reflective decals to transform mundane rooms into immersive spaces bursting with beautiful colour.

Visitors can walk through her work, losing themselves in kaleidoscopic, dynamic installations.

See her full work here and tell us if you'd explore her colourful rooms.