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Campaign for a shape-shifting storefront

Monday, 30th September 2013 at 2:05pm

The miLES Storefront Transformer, designed by Architecture Commons, is a versatile set of amenities and furnishings ready to transform any vacant storefront.

The Kickstarter Campaign hopes to use this to transform a vacant storefront this winter - if they can raise the funds required.

The miLES Storefront Transformer is a 6ft cube designed to “program any storefront,” when unfolded it provides functional elements such as; shelving, partitions, tables, seats, a stage, as well as infrastructure such as; WIFI, speakers and more! 

The flexibility of the design will be utilised to showcase seven different themes: Show, Play, Share, Learn, Make, Shop, and Eat.

The Kickstarter Campaign will run this winter from September the 19th to October 19th, if they can raise the $32,000 needed to fund the project.

You can find more information about this here, and let us know if you would like to see your local stores change shape overnight.

Tagged project, architecture, art, design, pop up, functionality, New York, the miLes Storefront Transformer, Architecture Commons, experiential, interactive

RIBA choose Astley Castle as their winner of the 2013 Stirling Prize

Friday, 27th September 2013 at 12:26pm

Stirling Prize WinnerThe Royal Institute of British Architects has announced their winner of the 2013 Stirling Prize, which was awarded to Witherford Watson Mann Architects for Astley Castle.

This beautiful and sympathetic scheme placed a new building at the heart of the old, bringing new life to features that were once dying away. 

Astley Castle is a 12th century fortified manor that was damaged by fire in 1978. Witherford Watson Mann Architects has designed a new house that allows visitors to experience life in a centuries old castle whilst still enjoying all the 21st century modern conveniences.

RIBA comments, “Astley Castle demonstrates that working within sensitive historic contexts requires far more than the specialist skills of the conservation architect: this is an important piece of architecture, beautifully detailed and crafted. The decision to put the bedrooms and bathrooms on the ground floor and the communal spaces above makes the experience of the house very special as perhaps the most impressive spaces are the outdoor Tudor and Jacobean ruins.”

Astley Caste - Stirling Prize WinnerWatch a film about this fantastic building below or visit RIBA here to find out more about this outstanding project and the other shortlisted entries.

Images © Helen Binet

2013 RIBA Stirling Prize Shortlist: Astley Castle from RIBA on Vimeo.

Tagged Stirling Prize, 2013, RIBA, Architects, Winner, Architecture, Astley Castle, design, creative

100% Design opens its doors!

Thursday, 19th September 2013 at 10:36am

Formica Group100% Design, the UK’s largest contemporary design trade event, opened its doors on September 18th to the trade and press for four days and will be open to the public on Saturday 21st.

100% Design includes six colour-coded areas: Interiors, Office, Kitchen & Bathrooms, Eco, Design & Build, International Pavillons and Emerging Brands. The event attracts leading UK and international brands such as Knoll, Herman Miller, Young & Norgate, Deadgood and many more.  

Our client, Formica Group, worked with design resource studio Material Lab to create a unique 'deconstructed' interior environment showcasing essential surfaces in their
natural light.

At ther stand, decors and textures are being featured from the DecoMetal® by Formica Group range, including the red dot award-winning Plex texture, AR Plus® High Gloss laminate, solid through-colour ColorCore® as well as on-trend decors from the Formica® Colors range.

Throughout the exhibition there were a number of great products that caught our eye;

A living room table by Picchio, constructed from cork cylinders of various lengths, resting on a copper footing, creating a fascinating contrast between the refined materials of copper, cork and glass.     

Some of the most luxurious baths in the world were also on display. Curated by Designer Kitchen & Bathroom magazine, the Bath Boulevard exhibition features stunning bathtubs, from traditional classics to ultra-modern style. 

You can find more information and register for this event here. Let us know which is your favourite part.


Tagged design, 100% design, architecture, interior, products, Formica Group, Knoll, Herman Miller, Young & Norgate, Deadgood, architect, designer, contemporary

Iconic European buildings photographed from the air

Tuesday, 17th September 2013 at 1:04pm

To prove Europe's most iconic buildings can be even more breathtaking when viewed from the air, Russian photographers and daredevils Vadim Mahora and Vitaly Raskalovym travel Europe with one purpose: to illegally climb to the highest point of the city’s main attraction, hang off its edge and capture the view from the air.

Their latest destinations have included the Sagrada Família in Barcelona (first image), Cologne Cathedral in Germany (second image), the Eiffel Tower in France and many others in 12 different European cities.  

Take a look at the rest of their photos here and tell us would you be brave enough to climb that high?



Tagged Vadim Mahora, design, photography, travel, tourism, creative, interactive, architecture, Vitaly Raskalovym, clever

Ajando's 'Next Level' working environment

Monday, 16th September 2013 at 2:15pm

Cross-media agency Ajando are to use a very unusual loft as their new corporate headquarters, which has had its design inspired by quantum physicist John Wheeler, the architecture of Josef Hoffmann and, of course, the information expertise of Ajando.

Built upon the premise that "material is not the building material of our world, but rather information" this project aimed to deliver an architectural concept that mirrored the data and information that flows through Ajando. 

Needless to say internationally renowned architect Peter Stasek and Loftwerk architects had their hands full when commissioned to facilitate this ambition.

However the end product is impressive and as a result, the loft becomes a live cross-media platform in real life with perfect usability.

Take a closer look at this interesting project here, and tell us if this is a working environment you would enjoy.


Tagged Ajando, John Wheeler, Josef Hoffman, Peter Stasek, Loftwerk Architects, design, office, architect, architecture, creative, interiors

Religious architecture redesigned

Friday, 13th September 2013 at 10:01am

Respecting old traditions but given a new and interesting purpose, these fifteen churches, monasteries and synagogues have been transformed into homes, libraries and nightclubs.

These houses of worship have been adapted to modern designs whilst retaining the awe-inspiring original architectural elements like vaulted ceilings, arches, altars and stained glass windows.

One of our favourite examples is this thirteenth-century Dominican church in Maastricht Holland, which has been transformed into 'Selexyz Dominicanen', a massive bookstore.

The 1,200-square-meter church will all of its elegant arches and vaults has been filled with a modern three-story volume containing row after row of books, to take advantage of the full height of the structure.

Have a look at the rest of these stunning architectural creations here.



Tagged Architecture, design, church, building, creative, innovative, innovation, clever

Zaha Hadid’s ‘New National Stadium of Japan’ to host the 2020 Olympics and Paralympics

Wednesday, 11th September 2013 at 3:21pm

Tokyo Olympic StadiumAfter Tokyo won the bid to host the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic games, it was confirmed that Zaha Hadid Architect's 'New National Stadium of Japan' will act as the major venue for the games

The stadium is capable of hosting many types of sporting and cultural events because of its adjustable seating sections that can be moved closer to the playing field.

The capacity of the stadium is 80,000 and it has a retractable roof allowing for an open-air atmosphere.

Zaha Hadid Architects won the international competition to design the stadium organised by the Japan Sport Council.

You can find more images of the stadium here, or watch the video below to see the stadium and tell us if you will be cheering on Team GB at Tokyo 2020


Tagged Tokyo 2020, architect, design, Zaha Hadid Architects, Olympic Games, Paralympic Games, Team GB, innovative, video, architecture, clever

Sculptural installations challenge gallery spaces

Thursday, 5th September 2013 at 11:21am

Shaun HurShaun HurKorean-born and London-based Shaun Hur makes installation works to question the confines of gallery spaces.

Hur challenges the passive roles in which viewers traditionally see sculptures within the context of a gallery, implicating the space as an active element in the artwork itself.

The inspiration behind this work comes from closed shops and construction sites combined with evoking the memories of the adventures and discoveries made during childhood.  

Hur creates brilliantly stalling work that questions what we know even as it sits in front of our very eyes.

His works include a twisted column, a hole in the wall or a broken pillar, even a basketball in the centre of a pillar and many more intelligent installations.

See more of his work here, and tell us if you would feel safe in one of these galleries.



Tagged art, gallery, Shaun Hur, installation, creative, clever, inspiration, interactive, architecture

Micro urban design in Berlin

Monday, 2nd September 2013 at 10:30am

In contrast to the big and not so aesthetically pleasing housing architecture in Germany, Evol has decided to transform the images into miniature art.

He is turning urban fixtures and unused walls into tiny cityscapes using a deceptively simple toolbox comprised of cardboard, stencils and spray paint.

The artist uses quick-and-dirty materials that are easy to obtain and fast to install for his designs. 

These sprayed-in-place or pasted-on building faces exhibit not only convincing architectural details but also anticipated (yet always unpredictable) marks of weathering, which in turn reinforce their apparent realism.

Take a look at more of his eye-catching work here.



Tagged Evol, Berlin, architecture, design, creative, clever, art, innovative

Temporary street market kiosks create a creepy backdrop

Wednesday, 28th August 2013 at 2:02pm

filmAn eerie town of kiosks by Brut Deluxe are used as the set for a short horror movie by ImagenSubliminal.

Munich and Madrid-based Brut Deluxe's metal kiosks are designed to look like basic archetypal houses.

The City of Madrid ordered 275 units for different events, but when the huts are not in use they are stored together in rows and form a small deserted town - or in this case the backdrop for this film.  

In the movie a frightened woman is running for her life through alleyways between the kiosks, the black and white Hitchcock style film was made with the kiosk designers as a promotional tool.

Watch the film below to see what happened to that lady, or you can find out more about it and the kiosks here.

Tagged Madrid, film, Brut Deluxe, ImagenSubliminal, Miguel de Guzmán, m.poli, architecture, design, creative, innovative, promotion

A roof over ruins

Friday, 23rd August 2013 at 5:02pm

ChurchChurchArchitect Ferran Vizoso faced a challenge: how to save the majestic, war-torn ruins of a crumbling Spanish church without ruining its beauty and architecture? And the answer was simple; he just installed a roof over it.

Severely damaged during the Spanish Civil war, the roofless church had become an open-air structure, its interior bathed in golden sun, but unshielded from more damaging elements. Vizoso wanted to protect the stone and plaster edifice from further deterioration but still keep one of its main elements: the open sky.

The architect used EFTE for the roof, which is a plastic composite. It is known of its strength, durability and light properties and creates a segmented roof over the church. The roof not only protects the church but it has also enabled it to become an enclosed meeting place.  

More images of this great project can be found here.


Tagged Spain, roof, ruins, Ferran Vizoso, Corbera d’Ebre, Etfe, architecture, design, innovative

The World Architecture Festival 2013 – a pure design inspiration

Wednesday, 21st August 2013 at 10:30am

World Architecture WorkThe World Architecture FestivalThe World Architecture Festival 2013 (WAF) gathers together the global architecture community to debate, learn and be inspired.

The festival takes place in Singapore between 2nd – 4th October 2013, attracting more than 1,750 architects from over 60 countries, and displays the best of architecture. 

The absorbing programme presents almost 300 projects that vary in terms of scale, type, context and culture creating a unique mix of inspiration. The 43 awards given at the WAF rank the most incredible creations in three main categories - completed buildings, landscape projects and future projects.

Hours of presentations, talks and debates highlight among many other industry leaders today’s most innovative and influential thinkers: Dietmar Eberle, Charles Jencks and Jeanne Gang.

Keep up to date of the architectural excellence from across the globe by following the WAF on Twitter @worldarchfest, Facebook and LinkedIn.

For further information and tickets, please visit the WFA website.

Tagged The World Architecture Festival, architecture, design, creative, interactive, Dietmar Eberle, Charles Jencks, Jeanne Gang

Museum made out of paint cans pops up in shopping mall

Tuesday, 13th August 2013 at 4:45pm

To celebrate the birthday of legendary American artist Andy Warhol, Portuguese LIKEarchitects constructed this temporary museum made out of empty paint cans in the center of a shopping mall in Lisbon.

The museum was erected to host the exhibition 'Andy Warhol - icons | psaier artworks and the factory', where it received over 100,000 visitors.

Aluminium paint cans were the chosen material for this project because 'they reflect on society's consumer culture and also pay reference to the subjects of the popular artist's work'.

See how it was constructed in the video below, or click here for more information on this interesting project.

Tagged Andy Warhol, LIKEarchitects, temporary museum, art, exhibition, design, interior, space, architecture

2013 RIBA Stirling Prize shortlist announced

Friday, 26th July 2013 at 10:30am

Bishop Edward King ChapelGiants Causeway Visitors CentreRIBA has announced a shortlist of six buildings nominated for their Stirling Prize Best Building of the Year award.

The Stirling Prize is awarded to the building that has made the most significant contribution to British architecture in that year.

There is a refreshing feel to the candidates on RIBA's 2013 shortlist, because five out of the six practices responsible for the buildings are nominated on this list for the first time.

The favourite to win the award is an exceptionally crafted stone chapel by Niall McLaughlin Architects. The chapel is beautifully built from hand-cut clipsham limestone, which is laid to give a woven, drape-like effect up to a continuous clerestory window from which divine light resonates.

Another interesting candidate from this years shortlist is the Giants Causeway Visitor Centre, Heneghan Peng were the architects responsible for the design of this building. It strikes a difficult balance of being a geological presence in its own right, while also maintaining the designer aspect that makes it aesthetically pleasing for the visitors. 

Find out more infromation on this year's candidates here and let us know your winner!
Tagged RIBA, Stirling Prize, Niall McLaughlin Architects, Bishop Edward King Chapel, Heneghan Peng, Giants Causeway Visitor Centre, Architects, architecture, design

Climbing the walls with Design

Tuesday, 9th July 2013 at 12:01pm

Dalston HouseHave you ever wanted to clamber up the side of a building like Spiderman? Or abseil down but haven’t had the courage? Now Argentinian artist Leandro Erlich has made your superhero dreams come true by designing Dalston House, a public installation work featuring the façade of a late nineteenth-century Victorian terraced house in Dalston.

Leandro Erlich is renowned for his captivating three dimensional visual illusions and the artist is interested in the interactions that occur within functional spaces. A mirrored wall at a 45-degree angle is designed to create a fiction from the ordinary. His Dalston House is a brilliant art installation and cultural oddity that has to be experienced to be believed.

Dalston House is installed on a disused lot at 1-7 Ashwin Street that has largely remained vacant since being bombed in the Second World War. It is open to the public until 4th August and it is part of both the London Festival of Architecture and Beyond Barbican – an exciting programme of events taking place outside the walls of the arts centre that includes pop-ups, commissions and collaborations across East London.

Get real time updates from Dalston House by following it on Twitter @dalstonhouse and after your visit post your picture with #dalstonhouse.

Watch the video below and get ready to do your own tricks on the walls.

Tagged Design, architecture, art, Barbican, London Festival of Architecture, Dalston House, Leandro Erlich

Stunning immersive multimedia displays

Tuesday, 9th July 2013 at 8:55am

TBITTBITA new international terminal has opened at Los Angeles International airport, and with the help of Moment Factory, have created the largest immersive multimedia system of any airport in the Americas.

The installation was built to create a unique experience for both those arriving into LAX as well as those departing. It includes a 72 ft tall clock tower covered in screens which display a mixture of different images, filmed in different continents across the globe. The images are from destinations visitors can fly to from the terminal.

Other features across the terminal are the Welcome Wall; an 80 ft wall displaying lively images to welcome those arriving on flights and the Bon Voyage Wall; displaying slow motion images inspired by photographer Philippe Halsman's Jumps Series. There are also two portals - one in the North concourse, the other in the South, which consist of 10 interactive 28 ft tall columns that constantly change visuals and sound effects to reflect departing flights and the movement of passengers. Finally, there is the Destination Board which provides a visual 'data cloud' of flight information, and the Story Board which displays narratives from Los Angeles and far corners of the world.

The  seven media features were designed by SardiDesign and MRA International, whilst the terminal itself is the work of Fentress Architects. 

More information can be found here or watch a video describing the project below.

Tagged Moment Factory, Interactive, design, architecture, Immersive, multimedia, LAX, Tom Bradley International Terminal, TBIT, SardiDesign, MRA international, Fentress Architects

IFAC 2013 - Festival of Art and Construction

Friday, 5th July 2013 at 1:04pm

IFAC Banner

The International Festival of Art and Construction 2013 is due to take place next month between the 5th-14th August.

The event will see 250 people taking part in 20 different workshops in the Spanish village of Covarrubias.

IFAC has been created by a non-profit organisation Movimiento a la Autosuficiencia, with the goals for the event being to provide a practical education, creative freedom and collective enrichment.

The workshops also look to develop the participants through the sharing of ideas and knowledge.

There are still places available at the time of writing, click here for more information and to sign up.

A video outlining the concept is also shown below.

Tagged Architecture, Art, construction, design, IFAC, event, festival, 2013, workshops

See it, explore it, love it

Thursday, 27th June 2013 at 3:01pm

LFALFALFALondon Festival of Architecture will lift your eyes from the streets, raise them up to the roofs, and help you to fall in love with London’s unique and much admired architectural landscape.

London Festival of Architecture, first held in 2004, has become an annual event due its increasing popularity, celebrating London’s built-environment. It investigates the importance of architecture and design in London’s success and celebrates the city’s role as a global hub of architectural experimentation, thinking, learning and practise.

Open to public and professionals, the Festival aims to promote positive change and improvement in the city’s public realm revealing the potential latent within the city by increasing access and suggesting alternative uses for spaces.

During the last week of the Festival, you still have an exciting chance to explore architecture and the environment on a River Thames boat cruise from Kew Bridge to Hampton Court, listen to talks about Urban Exhibitionism and energy, participate in a tour at the London Transport Museum or walk at the Barbican and to visit ongoing exhibitions in various venues, including the Barbican Art Gallery and London Metropolitan University.  The Bartlett,  UCL's School of Architecture, Summer Show opened on the 21st June until 29th June as part of LFA 2013.

The London Festival of Architecture takes place until 30th June, with a rich and varied programme organised by individual practices and artists.  More information and the events calendar here or follow news on Twitter.
Tagged London festival of architecture, architecture, London, design, Barbican, art, The Bartlett, UCL, London Metropolitan University, Kew Bridge, Hampton Court

Making the Leadenhall Building

Friday, 21st June 2013 at 9:43am

Leadenhall BuildingThis video, condensing the first six months of the construction of the Leadenhall Building in London, has been in the press alot recently, so we felt that just in case you missed it we would share it with you.

It's a great time-lapse video highlighting the work on one of the new additions to London's skyline from Dan Lowe and Paul Raftery.

Watch it below.

Making The Leadenhall Building from Paul Raftery and Dan Lowe on Vimeo.

Tagged Architecture, design, construction, timelapse, video, vimeo, Dan Lowe, Paul Raftery, Leadenhall Building

RIBA awards 2013 winners announced

Thursday, 20th June 2013 at 3:42pm

Olympic MasterplanPierresvivesBishop Edward King ChapelThis year's winners for the Royal Institute of British Architects(RIBA) Awards have been announced, which includes 9 winners of the European Awards and 43 winners of the National awards, which form the basis for the Stirling Prize shortlist.

RIBA also announced the winners of the Regional Awards and International Award as part of a simultaneous event. The winners of the International Award are considered for the Lubetkin Prize.

To be eligable for an award the project must be designed by a RIBA chartered architect and RIBA international fellows.

The projects awarded include 

Each of the National Award winning buildings are presented with a lead plaque and the winner of the Stirling Prize will be announced at an event on Tuesday 26th September at St. Martins, Kings Cross.

To see all the RIBA Award winners, click here.

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