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Heat-sensitive business cards

Wednesday, 17th April 2013 at 3:30pm

Thermal cardsThermal cardsthermal cardsThe thing about business cards is that unless someone really wants one from you they tend to use it for other things.

That's why creative business cards always grab the eye, especially these ones designed for photo producer Natalie Daniels.

Created by Austrian graphic design studio Bureau Rabenstein, these business cards look like undeveloped polaroid pictures, but the black space then takes on the image of anything that touches it.

The cards are produced with a special thermo-sensitive black ink under the surface of the card, which takes a temporary imprint of whatever it comes into contact with (providing sufficient heat of course).

Whilst the cost of these would be a lot greater than normal cards, they definitely wouldn't be easily thrown away and would leave a more lasting impression than your hand would on the card itself.

Take a look at more images here.

Let us know your thoughts on creative business cards.
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