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Bounce Below

Tuesday, 24th June 2014 at 2:19pm

Bounce BelowA unique visitor experience is opening in Llechwedd Slate Caverns in Wales: giant underground trampolines.

Bounce Below uses three trampolines suspended from the cave walls, each connected by chutes and safety nets.

Visitors will travel deep into the mountain by train, where they can reach the trampolines via a sixty-feet-long slide.

The experience is completed by LED lights, which provide a colourful background to the long-unused caverns.

Bounce Below opens to the public on the 3rd July, near Blaenau Ffestiniog.

Let us know if you would jump at the chance to experience Bounce Below and take a closer look here.

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Tweet Shop opens in Central London

Saturday, 29th September 2012 at 8:07am

Special K Tweet ShopKelloggs Tweet ShopTweet Shop Soho ExperienceKellogg's has opened a pop-up shop in Soho, London, that bridges the gap between social currency and real-life money.

The shop offers you a menu of Special K Cracker Crisps and accepts Tweets as currency to buy them. Combining social media and real-life interaction the promotion not only engages those that tweet to buy a Special K pack, but also creates a buzz across social channels as the word spreads.

The response has apparently been very positive, always a gamble when asking consumers to Tweet about your business, as Waitrose found out recently.

If you missed the shop I'm afraid that it closed on 28th September, but you can find out more about this interesting multi-media experience below.

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Remote control cafe demonstrates bad design

Sunday, 4th March 2012 at 3:41am

AttachmentThis year Helsinki has the accolade of being World Design Capital and as a part of the legacy of the event the organisers wanted to engage with a wider audience of local residents to explain why design is so important in all our lives.

They decided to get the conversation going about the impact of good and bad design by creating a remote controlled café. This cafe included a range of badly design items, to demonstrate what good design means to us all, whilst anyone could remotely control the environment through a web interface.

When local residents popped in for a coffee they would find their chairs raising and lowering, whilst tables adjusted and items like sugar and napkin dispensers just did not work.

The interactive space was a great success and gained a lot of publicity, including a feature spot on the national news with the newsreaders getting into the action.
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Sensory marketing that grows on you

Wednesday, 29th February 2012 at 9:14am

AttachmentLast week TTT met CURB, the natural media company that helps brands create innovative and award winning media.   

CURB uses attention-grabbing media such as chalk advertising or bespoke interactive productions where the individual acts as an instrument for creating the experience or message - pedal to charge your phone or dance to make the music louder!   CURB also uses natural media which they tailor to their clients’ briefs – to promote the movie Contagion they worked with a world renowned microbiologist to create an enormous Petri dish inoculated with mould, penicillin and Pantone-matched live bacteria. Over the span of a few days these grew into the movie title ‘Contagion’ (and yes, it went viral).

During the Multisensory Media demonstration TTT’s meeting room was filled with the scent of freshly-cut grass from the pitch of a well-known Italian Serie A football club. Unfortunately for CURB there were no football fans in the meeting to appreciate this particular experience; nevertheless we were amazed at how particular they can be with creating scents and sounds. We found out that specific scents can be used to change an emotion as well as perception of time and environments.

CURB has also developed a technique to package the scents in a way that is sustainable and fun. We enjoyed the experience of small customizable pouches that released a lovely scent with just one squeeze – some of the scents included the smell of chocolate truffles or red roses (a note to all men – do not use as a substitute for a gift).  

CURB uses entirely natural or sustainable materials that are recycled after they’ve been used. If that is not possible, the materials are upcycled; for example a huge poster of Michael Jackson’s album next to Heathrow airport was made out of plastic that was later upcycled to mobile phone cases and various other goods.  

To find out more about their fun and innovative approach to Out-Of-Home media, PR and experiential marketing, visit www.curbmedia.com


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Interactive experience uses wine to build a masterpiece

Thursday, 1st December 2011 at 8:14am

Wine producer Navarro Correas has built a 13 x 8.2 foot interactive structure in Bogota, Colombia with 1000 acrylic cells that are filled by an automated robotic mechanism with 6 different shades of wine.

The concept was for members of the public to interact with the structure, choosing a cell via a text message to be filled.  

The end result was the recreation of Van Gogh’s self portrait and an interesting interactive experience but what a waste of good wine!

See the video below

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