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Kmart continues down the almost rude route

Wednesday, 5th June 2013 at 12:34pm

Big Gas savingsAfter their 'Ship my pants' advert, Kmart and agency DraftFCB have created a new borderline ad.

This time promoting fuel prices, they use American expressions to create a rude sounding commercial with their 'Big Gas Savings' spot.

Perhaps not as funny as the previous advert, mainly as you have an idea what to expect, but it still has some funny moments and does lead you to wonder where can they take this next. 

Watch the advert below.

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Building on substantial foundations

Thursday, 7th June 2012 at 6:46am

FoundOcean Energy ConstructionFoundOcean is a leading engineering company which has been providing offshore grouting services for the global energy construction industries for over 45 years. It provides a range of services to the oil & gas and renewable energy sectors including foundation and structural grouting, structural repair and strengthening, as well as pipeline and cable support and protection across the globe.

The Think Tank has been appointed to raise FoundOcean's profile within these sectors through PR support activity in the UK and beyond.

Working closely with the in-house marketing team we have been developing article opportunities and comment pieces across the European energy sector press, engaging with stakeholders, discussing key industry issues and demonstrating that FoundOcean has the expertise and experience to answer the needs of the sector through innovative engineering.

Over the coming months we will be securing opportunities within the core industry titles to raise awareness of FoundOcean's capabilities, and position it at the forefront of sector expertise. We will be focusing our efforts on delivering and securing industry comment, feature articles and case studies around the groundbreaking work that FoundOcean is doing, and supporting the company at exhibitions and events. 

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Scottish Minister for Energy opens FoundOcean’s Livingston facility

Tuesday, 3rd April 2012 at 7:59pm

FoundOcean Launch

The Think Tank headed to Livingston, Scotland last week to help with the official opening ceremony of FoundOcean’s newly expanded Offshore Service Base. The event was held to celebrate FoundOcean’s achievements and the Scottish Minister for Energy, Enterprise and Tourism, Fergus Ewing, was guest of honour. He gave a passionate and humorous speech to the delight of the guests – in spite of an influx of overhead aircraft seemingly trying to drown out his voice! 

While stressing the need for businesses like FoundOcean to be able to transfer their technologies, services and products between industry sectors, Fergus also remarked that he had come a long way since the first opening ceremony where he was guest of honour, at a sewage works 12 years ago!  

The event also included guided tours around the facilities with FoundOcean’s offshore personnel explaining the function of equipment to the guests – representatives of offshore oil and gas, and renewables companies, industry bodies, media and even the RNLI

FoundOcean is the global leader in subsea and offshore grouting, which to translate into layman’s terms means fixing offshore structures like oil and gas platforms and wind farms to the sea bed. 

The opening ceremony was a huge success and with more offshore projects in the pipeline than ever before the future looks bright for FoundOcean. The company is celebrating doubling its revenue and personnel since 2009.

Find out more about FoundOcean here.

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Promoting Safety in the Oil and Gas Sector

Monday, 6th June 2011 at 2:51am

Permasense PR SM.jpgA new technical development, a corrosion monitoring system, developed by Permasense Ltd, provided The Think Tank with an opportunity to create press coverage in the international oil and gas trade press and raise the profile of this new company.

Permasense wanted to create a dialogue with the major International and National Oil Companies (IOCs and NOCs).  Its corrosion monitoring system, developed in partnership with Imperial College London and BP, heralds a new age of frequent, repeatable wall thickness monitoring giving previously unavailable insights into the condition and capability of critical oil and gas assets.

The Think Tank helped draft a press material and pitched the story ....

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Creating a profile for Permasense in the Oil and Gas Sector

Wednesday, 11th May 2011 at 1:13am

Permasense.jpgPermasense is an offshoot of Imperial College London that has developed a unique inhospitable wireless monitoring system to accurately measure the corrosion of pipes in Oil and Gas processing.

The Think Tank created a range of marketing and presentation materials to launch the company, including web site, sales brochure, presentation tools and video. Working with BP we then promoted the technology and company through the use of PR to a global industry sector.

This resulted in a successful launch and the trial of the system by many of the world's leading Oil and Gas players. Interest in the product is significant and has led to the rapid growth of the company.

See and read more here

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Groundbreaking business launched into Oil and Gas sector

Wednesday, 13th April 2011 at 7:25am

The Think Tank was approached by Permasense to propose how we would launch this start-up company into the Oil and Gas Sector with a new, innovative and unique product. Permasense is an offshoot of Imperial Collage London and following several years of research, on behalf of BP, they developed inhospitable wireless monitoring technologies for accurately measuring corrosion of pipes in the Oil and Gas sector. This technology is unique and presented the opportunity for use on a global scale to improve monitoring and safety.
The Think Tank proposed the development of a suite of marketing tools and a PR campaign to launch this groundbreaking business.
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