Bishopsgate Financial is one of the fastest-growing consultancies in the UK, helping to deliver some of the industry’s most challenging transformation projects. Their success has come from an unwavering passion to provide real and transformative change for clients. 

At the start of the global pandemic, The Think Tank was approached by Mike Hampson, CEO of Bishopsgate Financial, with an urgent request.

Mike’s son, Tom, was travelling through South America when he and other Brits became stranded in Peru: the country had suddenly closed its borders in response to the outbreak of COVID-19. The British embassy in Peru couldn’t provide any assistance, having shut due to the national emergency. 

Mike asked if we could raise awareness of this situation with the media and get the outlets talking, in the hope that it may prompt the government into action. We took on the challenge immediately. 

The request came to us late evening and the PR department drafted a pitch straightaway, reaching out to key media contacts. Our activity was maintained round the clock to ensure the best chance of securing journalist attention and making the news.

We made sure the story was communicated on a human level, with the clear objective of helping British travellers stuck in Peru by highlighting their unfortunate circumstances.

On the back of our outreach, a range of top-tier channels interviewed Mike and Tom to talk about their situation and help raise awareness, including BBC News, ITV News, Sky News and BBC Radio 5 Live

The results were fantastic. The UK government quickly acted on media and public pressure, with the Foreign Office working with the Peruvian government in organising rescue flights.

The Think Tank was extremely pleased to have contributed in Tom’s safe arrival back home, along with the return of the other affected travellers.