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The latest Apple advert enlists Hollywood’s highest-paid actor, Dwayne Johnson a.k.a. The Rock, in a mini movie that shows how the former wrestling pro ‘dominates the day’ with help from Apple’s in-built AI assistant, Siri.

The advert sees the Rock requesting a taxi, painting the Sistine Chapel, premiering for his fashion line, taking a selfie in space and still making it to his latest film set on time, fitting a lifetime worth of activity (and an abundance of The Rock references) into a single day, showcasing Siri’s multitasking and organisational capabilities.

As Johnson is known for his inspirational quotes, impossibly positive attitude and hard work ethic, he was the ideal choice for the ad. Plus, as a global celebrity and internet cult hero, Apple can be sure people will take notice of the spot; with nearly half a million views in just one day, the tactic seems to have worked.

Johnson himself described the spot as ‘the biggest, coolest, sexiest, funnest (is that a word?) movie ever,’ – who can argue with that?

You can watch the full ad below: