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Following in the steps of Google, and in the wake of criticism regarding its advertising analytics, Facebook has introduced a new cross-platform ad tool.

Rolled out across the UK and US, Facebook Cross-Platform Brand Lift will, along with Nielsen Total Brand Effect with Lift, help advertisers optimise Facebook and TV campaigns with actionable results, according to the social media giant.

Facebook Cross-Platform Brand Lift will offer in-depth analysis for marketers studying campaigns, as well as allowing Facebook’s advertising partners currently expanding from digital advertising to cross-media campaigns to leverage the platform.

‘Now that Buzzfeed has begun to diversify our media strategies to include both television and digital, having the option to leverage solutions such as Facebook’s Cross-Platform Brand Lift and Nielsen Total Brand Effect with Lift presents a great opportunity,’ said Margo Arton, senior director of Ad Effectiveness at Buzzfeed.

‘We look forward to using cross-platform brand lift measurement to both receive valuable insights about our multi-media campaign performance in a single reporting surface, and also to optimize campaign elements such as spend and creative across both platforms.’

You can read more about the update on Facebook’s blog.


The days of the catalogue were thought to be over, but with advertisers still falling over themselves to harness its power, the format is set to make its digital comeback - on Facebook.

From 19.6 million catalogues sent out in the US in 2007 to just 9.8 million dropping through letterboxes in 2016, the catalogue has seen a dramatic decline with the rise of online shopping. Facebook, however, is planning to counter that.

The social media giant is currently rolling out a brand new ad format called ‘lifestyle templates’, which look and feel like a digital catalogue but offer the added bonus of allowing customers to buy whatever takes their fancy directly from the Facebook advert.

Graham Mudd, director of monetization marketing at Facebook, said: ‘There are elements of the catalogue which are really unique and certainly worth replicating, such as their storytelling potential, but I think there are some elements that we’re bringing to the experience that are really specific to mobile and to Facebook.’

While the catalogue has traditionally existed as a source of inspiration to encourage potential customers to place an order at a later date, the latest tech means it’s possible to provide that inspiration whilst making it more convenient than ever before to purchase instantly. Plus, with Facebook’s mind-boggling amount of user data, the ads can be hyper-targeted to each customer.

You can find out more about the catalogues - sorry, lifestyle templates - here.