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Volkswagen has released a hilarious new ad which is guaranteed to make you smile.

The film follows a young man becoming increasingly frustrated as he repeatedly tries to reverse his horse trailer into the parking space – something we can all relate to.

Much to the amusement of the horses watching nearby, the embarassed young man ends up incredibly red faced, winding his window up and driving off in shame amidst gales of braying laughter.

But the humiliated man gets the last laugh, as he returns with a brand new Volkswagen, parks perfectly and gleefully walks away.

Take a look at the ad below, we bet you crack a smile!

Drinks brand Gatorade has brought its latest tagline, Water Made Active, to life in a stunning – and surprising – new ad.

A dynamic figure demonstrates its athletic prowess in the ad, but there are two twists: firstly, the athlete is made from water.

Secondly, there is no CGI involved at all.

The water figure runs, jumps, and kicks its way through the ad, embodying Gatorade’s message in a fun and dramatic way.

Through a painstakingly precise process, the team behind the short use a clever combination of motion capture, hundreds of water jets and camera flashes in order to create what is almost a ‘frame by frame animation’.

Watch this incredible ad below and see behind the scenes here.

Sony Bravia has released a dazzling new ad for the new OLED TV range, and it’s genuinely out of this world! 

'Earth Rising' begins with a father and son driving across a rocky, alien wilderness on their way to attend a mysterious gathering. 

As they travel, planet Earth slips above the horizon, its familiar greenish-blue colours illuminating the faces of the people gathered to watch the Earth-rise.

But all is not as it seems. When the young boy moves closer to touch the floating Earth, which seems so close, the final twist is revealed: We were watching footage of our planet on a gigantic, crystal clear screen all along.

‘The inspiration came from the unique design of the TV,’ explains Sony boss Shuhei Sugihara, ‘The incredible thin bezel creates a beautiful “horizon” effect, so we decided to show people a horizon they'd never experienced.'

Watch the ad below and let us know your thoughts.

The National Geographic Photo Ark, an annual project documenting every species living in wildlife sanctuaries, has unveiled its #SaveTogether campaign, involving social media and a digital billboard takeover.

Throughout summer, people are being encouraged to snap a selfie with #SaveTogether posters and signs shot by Joel Sartore, leader of the Photo Ark project.

After posing with an endangered animal and sharing the picture online using the #SaveTogether hashtag, your photos will appear on a giant billboard in iconic Times Square.

The campaign hopes to inspire action to save endangered animals through education, using Sartore's Photo Ark images and the power of social media to spread the word.

Read about the full campaign here and let us know if you spot any of the posters!

Mobile network Three have introduced a unique brand mascot: a ‘giraffe-amingo’.

Promoting the roaming ‘freedom’ the network offers, Three’s latest ad sees a nervous giraffe transform into a confident hybrid creature.

With its pink wings and strutting legs, the giraffe-amingo is free to snap, pose, and even fly, all thanks to its new flamingo sass.

Apparently, the giraffe-amingo is just the first adorable animal hybrid the brand will be revealing – watch the ad below to see it in action.

Airbnb is known for showcasing chic apartments, characterful townhouses, and other homes to be rented out...but how about a country?

Sweden has officially launched itself on Airbnb with a new ad, inviting people to explore the country and make the most of its 'allemansrätten', or ‘freedom to roam’.

The short video riffs on the classic descriptions of homes on the online marketplace, including a ‘relaxation area’ which is actually a tranquil open lake, ‘one hundred thousand tempered infinity pools’ (natural of course), and a ‘terrace’ being a dramatic cliff face.

The ad is a fun but effective way to highlight Sweden's astounding natural beauty, which stretches across nearly 173,000 square miles.

Watch the ad below; will you be adding Sweden to your bucket list?

Nigella Lawson discovers the different ways tea can be enjoyed in a quirky new ad for Typhoo.

Asking 'Which Typhoo are you?', the celebrity food writer can be seen surprising people enjoying a cuppa, including in a snow-filled tent, a black cab, and even a teashop in 1903 (the year Typhoo was created).

The ad ends with an Alice in Wonderland twist, with a miniature Nigella enjoying a tea party with some gigantic children's toys.

Watch the full ad below; how do you like your tea?

Heineken’s Orchard Thieves brand is encouraging viewers to ‘Be Bold’ – with an innovative reversible ad.

The intriguing ‘Start Bold/End Bold’ ad follows a group of friends at a rooftop party, who dance the night away…or do they?

On YouTube, there’s a reverse version of the ad, which reveals that every action and movement is identical to the original – despite being back to front.

And when the ad is on television, expect to be prompted to rewind, which will showcase the same clever effect.

Watch both versions of the ad below and let us know what you think of it.

A record £21.4bn was spent on advertising last year, according to the Advertising Association and Warc’s latest report.

The Expenditure Report reveals a 3.7% year-on-year rise in ad spend, with digital significantly contributing to the increase. Mobile ad spend alone was worth £3.9bn, accounting for 99% of Internet ad spend growth. Cinema, radio, and out-of-home advertising also grew last year, now collectively worth over £2bn.

James McDonald, senior data analyst at Warc said: ‘Over 95% of the money entering the market came from digital formats. The trend will continue as ad tech improves and consumers spend more time with their internet-connected devices.’

Find out more about the report here.

Denmark is often described as one of the happiest nations on the planet - does this ad explain its secret?

Carlsberg's offbeat new ad sees Hannibal actor Mads Mikkelsen meander through his homeland's cities and villages, contemplating the Danish way of life.

Mads come to a conclusion: could Denmark's happiness be a result of it brewing the 'best beer in the world'?

Watch the full ad below and tell us what you think of it.

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