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Zoopla's fun new ad follows a series of hermit crabs ‘swapping shells’ in search of the perfect home.

The chatty community of hermit crabs use Zoopla to filter their property searches, with one crab falling off its rock with excitement at cheaper bills!

We see the clever crustaceans encounter various tricky situations along the way, including a treacherous commute, swooping seagulls, and bad jokes.

Obviously, negotiation is a key feature throughout: we see a pair of crabs bargaining for a rock to come with the ‘property’ – yet the current owner seems reluctant to part with it.

Watch the full ad below and tell us what you think of it.

A heart-warming ad shines a spotlight on the heritage of Canadian cheese.

Set to a cover version of Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Don’t Stop’, the animation follows the story of Morton, an ageing cheesemaker, and his vibrant daughter Mia.

Mia, who is Morton’s apprentice, urges her father to enter into an international cheese competition, but he becomes disheartened when he never wins.

But eventually, it's Mia's turn to enter the competition - watch the ad below to find out if her cheese is successful.

An inspirational – and emotional – ad series by Lynx explores what it means to be a man in 2017, such as is it okay to display emotion?

The black and white spot sees men discuss what makes them upset and how they deal with it, from crying every time they watch Forrest Gump to the death of a loved one.

It’s a cathartic, and sometimes funny, ad that aims to break down stereotypes – watch it below and let us know your thoughts.

Think you know the story of the Easter Bunny? Think again, according to a heart-warming ad by German supermarket Netto.

‘The Easter Surprise’ tells its own adorable version of the Easter Bunny, in which he’s a product of a happy marriage between a rabbit and a chicken.

The emotional ad follows the baby bunny overcoming various hurdles, such as the internal struggle of a confused identity – half bunny, half chicken – and the obvious result of laying colourful eggs, which results in his isolation.

However, when a human stumbles across one of his eggs, he enters a world where his gifts are gratefully received.

Watch the full ad below and tell us what you think of it.

Anything is possible - according to Samsung's new ad, following an ostrich which gets the shock of its life after slipping on a VR headset.

Accompanied by Elton John’s Rocket Man, we see a virtual experience of the flightless bird gliding through the skies.

After a sprint down the ‘runway’, we see his friends mock him during many failed attempts. However, in the spirit of Samsung's 'Do What You Can't', the determined bird doesn’t give up.

Does the ostrich succeed? Watch the full ad below to find out.

IKEA's new series of heart-warming ads follows the story of one of its sheepskin rugs coming to life.

From rolling out of bed in the morning, we see the ‘anthropomorphic floor covering’ get woken up by a vibrating alarm clock and step on a squeaky elephant toy, both of which are labelled with a product name and price - as it's all from IKEA, of course.

Accompanied by its trusty dog-like companion - a Bolmen step stool - we see the rug create a loving breakfast in bed for its significant other (also a rug) on an IKEA Djura bed tray.

Take a look at the full ad below and watch the series here.

Pizza brand Domino’s has tapped into the retro Eighties trend with its new Ferris Bueller-inspired ad.

‘Home for Pizza’ recreates the iconic ‘race home’ scene in 1986 comedy Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, updating it to promote Domino’s new Tracker.

Revisiting key moments from the movie such as catching up with the car and jumping over the fence, the ad even features Alan Ruck, who appeared in the original film as Ferris’ best friend Cameron.

Watch the nostalgia-inducing ad below and tell us what you think of it.

Berocca has launched a funky new ad, introducing ‘Roccy’ the chameleon to their £3m branding campaign.

The ad sees Roccy body-popping to the sound of Panjabi MC, snapping bugs out of mid-air whilst showcasing some serious moves!

Encouraging viewers to ‘Be more Berocca’, the ad aims to demonstrate how the drink can help combat tiredness and fatigue.

Watch the full ad below and tell us what you think of Roccy.

Doritos' new ad makes a cute comparison with its new Heatburst flavour: what it would be like to adopt a fiery baby dragon.

The ad follows the budding relationship between a young man and his companion dragon; at first, it's all joy with trips to the park and bike rides, but things soon heat up, with the ‘baby’ dragon breathing fire in the cinema, burning a Frisbee, and setting his birthday cake alight (including the candles, of course).

However, there are also some benefits to being friends with a fire-breather, including an extra boost whilst go-karting and easily toasting marshmallows!

Watch the #HeatWillCome ad below and tell us if you'd like a Doritos dragon.

Snickers has released a fun ad following its Super Bowl spot, showing how our work can suffer when we're hungry.

The ad follows a surgeon who has made a little bit of a mistake during surgery – he may have left his mobile phone in the abdomen of his patient. Yet, when the phone rings in the recovery room, he’s just got to take the call – through his patient’s skin.

With the key message here being hunger breeds carelessness, maybe the doctor should have had a sneaky Snickers prior to the operation?

Watch the full ad below; let us know your thoughts.

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