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As part of a new multimedia campaign for hotel chain Jury’s Inn, a TV advert charts the rags-to-riches tale of a forgotten luggage trolley lost and alone in a hostile world.

The bittersweet story, which shows the abandoned trolley sadly rattling around on wonky wheels, being shooed from place to place and even shedding a tear – until he finds happiness, and his true calling, at a warm and welcoming Jury’s Inn hotel.

'This is an exciting time for Jury’s Inn – the launch of our new promise, as well as the biggest campaign in the brand’s history. It’s just the start of what we have planned,’ says Jury’s Inn head of marketing, Suzanne Cannon.

You can watch the advert below:

A new article by MyModernMet takes a look at some of the most influential forms of architecture across the globe, from ancient civilisation to modern times.

Along with Egypt’s iconic pyramids, the list also shines a light on its intricate temple designs that inspired the Ancient Greeks and Romans to craft enduring architectural works like the Parthenon and the Pantheon.

Byzantine, Mesoamerican, and Gothic architecture are three more pit stops along this architectural journey through the ages, while Neoclassical confirms the enduring legacy of the strong arches and decorated columns of ancient civilisation.

Via Art Nouveau and Modernism, we reach two of the most dominant styles on the skyline today: Postmodernism and Neofuturism, the latter of which is embodied by award-winning buildings like the Shard in London.

Take a look at the top ten in more detail here, where you can explore the background behind the styles and some of their most striking examples – which is your favourite?

Italian artist Federico Babina combines storytelling and abstract shapes to depict 35 famous artists in his latest series of illustrations, ‘PORTRART’.

Babina uses shapes to simplify the features of artists including Picasso, Van Gogh, Salvador Dali and Frida Kahlo, telling each artist’s story in a nearly-abstract portrait that is still recognisable as both a likeness - and as Babina’s handiwork.

'The shapes, the sculpted and painted geometries of the artists are transformed to draw their faces,' explains Babina, 'The project attempts to visualize the likeness [and] personality, and capture the essential features of the protagonist through simple lines, geometries, colour and ink.'

'The idea is to achieve an almost abstract representation without losing the essence of figurative representation.'

The illustrations are also featured in a short animated video which charts the creative process behind the images, showing how the lines and shapes comprising the portraits came together. Give it a watch below.


Artist Nawal Motawi creates beautifully intricate works of art - in the form of colourful ceramic tiles.

Her team at Motawi Tileworks carefully crafts each creation by hand, going far beyond what we may think of as conventional one-colour tile work.

Inspired by influences as diverse as Japanese block printing and Mid-Century motifs, Motawi's tiles are big and bold, often showcasing nature themes.

These include an abstract Art Deco scene of birds, a gorgeously geometric ladybird, and some incredible Mondrian-style interpretations.

Take a look at the full range of tiles here; which is your favourite?

The Venice Biennale has launched its 57th edition, hosting some of the world’s best exhibitions, spatial installations, and takeovers.

As the world’s biggest and oldest arts festival, the Biennale sprawls across the Italian city, showcasing a diverse range of artists in almost any creative discipline.

Exhibitions include The Unplayed Notes Factory by Loris Gréaud, which resurrects an old glassblowing factory, drawing visitors into an immersive world of light and darkness, craft and industry.

Discover more of the Venice Biennale here and tell us what parts of the exhibition catch your attention.

New York Botanical Garden is playing host to a stunning exhibition by innovative artist Dale Chihuly.

The immersive exhibition, simply named 'CHIHULY', sees over twenty pieces from his 45 year career scattered around the expansive gardens.

With some brand new art on show, Chihuly specialises in nature-inspired blown-glass works, which seem perfectly at home amongst colourful blooms and towering plants.

Brilliantly, according to MyModernMet, each piece 'changes according to both the time of day and the time of year', playing with sunlight and luminescence to enhance their forms and colours.

Take a closer look at the full exhibition here; which is your favourite piece?

An artist transforms Amazon boxes into incredible 3D sculptures.

Monomi Ohno specialises in 3D animation, but crafts these beautiful creations to hone her talent.

Ohno’s creations include cardboard sneakers, the Millennium Falcon, and a Heineken can, along with a saxophone, a Ghostbusters proton pack, and Godzilla.

Amazingly, some of her work is to scale and even wearable (such as the sneakers and the proton pack), all with an astounding level of intricacy.

Take a look at Bored Panda’s showcase of Ohno’s work here and let us know what you think of it.

You might not think that our brains are beautiful, but two scientists have paired up to prove us wrong.

Neuroscientist Dr Greg Dunn and physicist Dr Brian Edwards have created an incredible series of art based on the human brain.

‘Self-Reflected’ is a collection of images blown up from thin slices of brain, which have had their reflectivity changed to highlight the astonishing patterns they hold.

Each image was then hand-painted, digitised, and even gold-leafed to enhance their beauty and hint at the complex processes of our minds.

Take a look at Self-Reflected here and tell us what you think of them.

Iconic architect Gaudi is being memorialised in a special way - his first commissioned building is opening to the public as a colourful museum. 

Completed when he was just 33, Casa Vicens is a vibrant Art Nouveau house in Barcelona that boasts the design elements Gaudi epitomised.

With Moorish features and earthy tones, the house has been painstakingly conserved by the restoration team, who decided not to place any furniture into Casa Vicens - allowing Gaudi's masterpiece to speak for itself.

Having been closed since 2015 while renovations took place, the museum is due to open later this year.

Find out more about the project here and let us know your thoughts.

Denmark is often described as one of the happiest nations on the planet - does this ad explain its secret?

Carlsberg's offbeat new ad sees Hannibal actor Mads Mikkelsen meander through his homeland's cities and villages, contemplating the Danish way of life.

Mads come to a conclusion: could Denmark's happiness be a result of it brewing the 'best beer in the world'?

Watch the full ad below and tell us what you think of it.

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