Articles tagged environment

A graphic designer is cleverly pairing Pantone swatches with colourful landscapes.

Andrea Antoni is channelling his deep passion for colour and architecture by comparing Pantone fan decks with stunning natural vistas and dramatic buildings.

The matches are incredible, capturing the deep blues of the ocean, the luscious greens of a valley, and the burning oranges of a sunset.

Antoni is following a recent trend of matching colour swatches to everyday items; see more of his work here and tell us what you think.

Design student Anna Haldewang has invented a cunning solution to help out our declining bee population.

Her innovative project showcases a hand-sized drone which artificially pollinates flowers – giving hardworking bees a helping hand.

Each Plan Bee drone is made of a lightweight plastic in black and yellow, complete with propellers on top of the B-shaped body, which can suck in pollen from one flower and then blow it out over another.

See the full project here and let us know if you think it's a good idea.

We’re used to seeing advertising in every part of our lives, but how about billboards that depict their actual surroundings?

A subversive project by artist Jennifer Bolande takes striking images of the Californian landscape…and lines them up with reality.

Her ‘Visible Distance/Second Sight’ project relies on viewers to be standing at just the right angle, providing an interesting twist on the purpose of billboards – especially, as an Adweek article suggests, the giant photos ‘arguably look more real’ than their environment.

Take a closer look at Visible Distance/Second Sight here and tell us what you think.