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Last year, one designer made a New Year’s Resolution with a difference – creating a movie poster for every day of the year.

Pete Majarich produced his own interpretations of 366 posters, showcasing an astonishing level of creativity.

The posters veer from the minimalist to the intricate, all putting a clever spin on some classic films.

‘Blue Velvet’ (Day 351) is simply that, conveying the darkness of the David Lynch film, while the ‘Star Wars’ saga (Day 364) takes the form of a monochrome optical illusion.

Wordplay also features – Francis Ford Coppola’s ‘Apocalypse Now’ (Day 353) becomes a perfume advert, playing on its immortal line about napalm in the morning.

Other great picks include Predator (Day 347), which is deliberately hard to find, a minimalist interpretation of Frankenstein (Day 345), and a series of Rocky film posters for Days 231-234 (all with cheeky Friends-inspired subtitles).

Take a look at Majarich’s incredible project here and watch a rundown of his creations below.