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Under Winston Churchill’s government, the highly-secretive Ministry of Defence’s UFO desk was established and, for 60 years, operated in the shadows collecting witness accounts of unidentified flying objects from members of the public.

Now, those files have been declassified and Sheffield University lecturer, folklore expert and alien enthusiast Dr David Clarke has compiled years of painstaking research from the MOD’s archives into a book.

From letters, reports, drawings, photographs and even paintings all stored by the MOD, Clarke tells the fascinating - and occasionally unsettling - tales of encounters with the unexplained. The stories come from far and wide: a pie-shaped object spotted in the sky by a 13-year-old schoolboy on his paper round in 1976; an engineer who spotted a mysterious flying machine at 6am and an estate agent who, in 1981, spotted two black and silver discs near Worthing which he promptly photographed.

Published by Four Corners as part of a modern history-focussed ‘Irregulars’ series, the publication is a fascinating insight into the government’s most shadowy department, the phenomenon of UFOs and the public imagination. You can find out more here.


A hefty 83% of senior marketers believe that industry jargon does nothing but complicate the world of digital marketing, according to a survey by media marketing consultancy NewsBase.

1000 global marketers were asked to identify the biggest issues facing the industry in the survey, with 8 in 10 respondents citing industry lingo as a problem and accusing it of ‘littering’ the digital marketing landscape.

Many respondents even felt that industry bodies had a responsibility to crack down on the weird and wonderful (and often nonsensical) language of marketers.

A LinkedIn article published earlier this year highlighted the most overused buzzwords on user profiles, which included ‘specialized’, ‘leadership’, ‘strategic’ and, everyone’s favourite, ‘passionate’.

B2B Marketing, however, condemned phrases such as ‘action this’, ‘touch base’, ‘think outside the box’ and ‘bleeding edge’ to the banned bin.

Other issues raised included a demand for greater external monitoring to prevent ad fraud and verify audiences, and 96% of marketers questioned suggested they’d like increased collaboration between brands, agencies, publishers and ad tech providers.

Should the industry really crack down on overusing certain words, or is it a lot of fuss about nothing?