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A provocative artwork from a Brooklyn, US-based artist used over 12,000 pieces of mirror-finish stainless steel and took nearly two years to complete.

Jason Griska’s ‘Wreck’ is based on a CGI model of a Mercedes Benz luxury Sedan S550 used in a video game, manipulated to look like it was involved in a fatal crash. The piece is intended to question ‘perfect’ digital design, which is often rendered without giving thought to everyday, less-than-perfect reality.

The perfect geometry and flawless materiality of the piece reflect the inspiration of idealised digital design,’ explains Griska, ‘[It’s] in stark contrast with the grimness of the reality it represents. Beauty, technology and engineering collide with death and reality.’

Unfortunately, ‘Wreck’ is owned by a private collector and rarely exhibited, but you can see more of Griska’s work here.

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