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This new quirky ad by milk brand Arla Cravendale uses fairy tale and local myth storytelling to promote the unique freshness of their milk brand.

The ad takes viewers to the imaginary village of Cravendale, where Cravendalians claim sightings of the legendary ‘Moonicow’ and the long lasting freshness of its milk.

By creating a sense of mystery around mock sightings of the ‘Moonicow’, Arla Cravendale aims to use storytelling to bring their product to life.

“We are very excited to be launching the Moonicow campaign, which reinforces the fresh taste of Cravendale milk which we know our customers value. [It] forms part of Arla’s wider ambition to add value to milk as part of our Strategy 2020 targets, which supports the company’s mission to create opportunities for our farmers owners’ growth.” Says Stu Ibberson, senior director of marketing at Arla Foods UK.

You can watch the ad below:

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