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A new ad from General Electric hopes to inspire the engineers, inventors and scientists in girls around the world by showing a young girl creatively solving household chores.

At the start of the ad, Molly’s dad asks her to take the bins out during a rainstorm. The reluctant Molly instead comes up a genius invention, built from a bicycle, some rope and a drill, that takes the rubbish to the bins automatically, while she sits warm and dry in her room.

Molly dreams up and builds more and more time-saving inventions as the years go by, from an automated Girl Scout cookie dispenser to a toy car that doubles up as a lawn mower.

Molly finally lands herself a job at GE after her innovative designs impress in an interview. The ad is part of the 125-year-old company’s continuing efforts to throw off its ‘old-timer’ image and attract talent that, for many years, they’ve been losing to trendy tech startups.

GE is also joining the drive to get women into STEM jobs, having stated their goal to have 20,000 women in STEM roles by 2020 earlier this year. Who better to start with than Molly?

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