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Apple has released hundreds of new emojis with its latest software update, including gender neutral faces in a range of skin tones.

Back in July, on World Emoji Day, Apple gave us a sneaky preview of a handful of new emojis to be released with iOS 11.1. Now, the full suite has been released and emoji-lovers everywhere are pretty excited.

From a sandwich and a broccoli to a giraffe, hedgehog and even a curling stone, there’s plenty of variety in the new emoji set to spice up your digital conversations.

But for many, the most exciting development in the new emojis is the introduction of gender neutral faces, in a range of skin tones and expressions, as well as a headscarf-wearing emoji and even a breastfeeding lady.

‘The new emoji make it easier for users to express themselves with greater diversity, additional animals and creates, new smiley faces and more,’ said Apple in a statement.

You can see the full set of new emojis here.

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