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To launch a new line of workout trousers, Nike Pants Studio has commissioned female artists to express their love for fitness through their art.

The female-only creative brief drew in a widely varying range of styles and approaches; London-based neon artist Eve de Haan using her signature fluorescent pink letter to spell ‘power is power’, Jessie Cave’s charmingly childish and colourful sketch injects a little fun into the series and Joey Yu portrays a vibrant, energy-filled netball game.

Every artwork exudes a powerful message, from Nicole Chui’s photography and embroidery piece headlined ‘dare’ to the scarlet boxing gloves in Rose Waterson’‘s elegant pencil drawing.

The artists were chosen for their up-and-coming position in the creative world as well as their enduring love for sport, whether that’s dance, a hobby of Nicole Chui’s for over a decade, or Jessie Cave’s love of cycling, to bring their genuine passion for their art and their sport. And the results are nothing short of charming.

You can see the artworks commissioned in full here.

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