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Media investment group Group M has released its latest ‘State of Video’ report analysing the ups and downs in current video advertising trends.

A key theme throughout the report is the declining millennial audience for traditional TV, which in the US and UK has fallen by 4.5% year-on-year since 2012, causing many to predict that the generation will never follow this stalwart media as their parents once did.

‘In startling opposition to history, Gen Y and Gen Z are actually watching less as they age. Their TV viewing is falling in absolute terms and even more against expected life stage,’ say report authors Adam Smith and Rob Norman, both of Group M.

Following this, new challengers are happily stepping up to take TV’s advertising crown, according to Group M. Across Snapchat, YouTube and Facebook, viewer numbers continue to grow, with many putting the 90% viewer increase of 2016 down to the rise in better quality, more informative and simply more professional-looking content.

The report also predicts that media tech platforms will soon hold the bargaining power in live sports, disrupting how live sports events are broadcast and enjoyed, based on Amazon, Apple and Google’s forays into digital and sports.

Another prediction suggests addressable TV, currently only available in the US via pay TV providers, will continue to grow at a rapid pace and offer advertisers a chance to put highly-targeted adverts in time-shifted ad breaks in front of their audiences.

Still lagging behind is the measurement of advertising metrics, according to the Group M report; with so much content viewed on ‘poorly or completely unmeasured screens’, the report highlights this failure to capture data as a huge loss of profits for marketers and advertisers alike.

‘We need to develop better strategies to build our clients’ businesses. The lack of holistic measurement is holding us back,’ concludes the report, urging the industry to find a solution.

You can read the full report, and more key takeaways, here.

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