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Snapchat has redesigned its mobile app, downsizing from three tabs to two: Friends and Discover.

In place of the previous Stories tab, the Friends tab is a friends-only feed, featuring both private messages and people’s Stories. While the Discover tab combines the previous Discover and Stories tabs, it will now also include Official Stories published by people with verified accounts and Stories from public-facing accounts.

The redesign includes algorithms meant to make the app feel more personalised for its users. The friends that a user interacts with or looks at the most will be higher up in the Friends tab. The Discover tab will work similarly along with prioritising Stories and Shows that are relevant to the content a user already shows interest in, similar to Netflix.

The separation of friends and everyone else in combination with these algorithms will potentially impact the way that advertisers, brands, marketers, publishers and creators interact with the app. While friends’ stories will no longer overshadow marketers’, the Discover tab will provide more competition. The Discover tab now features vertical thumbnails, resulting in fewer Stories and Shows being visible “above the fold”. Ideally, Snapchat would be a meritocratic platform, allowing Stories that are good enough to attract users’ attention, but the algorithms mean that this is not necessarily the case.

Find out more about Snapchat’s redesign and algorithms here.

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