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In an effort to promote sustainability, environmental public service Do the Green Thing is encouraging people to give experiences rather than throwaway gifts.

Ungifted is a campaign aiming to decrease the amount of money and resources spent on unwanted gifts during the Christmas season, as well as reducing the astronomical carbon footprint of the festive season.

The Pentagram-based company has given its website a striking new look, as well as an extensive lift of gift suggestions instead of buying your friends another scented candle or pair of socks. For example, why not treat them to a night of ice-skating? Or how about a Mongolian throat singing class?

'Ungifted separates Christmas from presents, encouraging people to treat their loved ones to shared experiences through time spent together, instead of thoughtless and environmentally-harmful tat,’ says Do the Green Thing.

'It is estimated that the population of Britain receives almost £3 billion worth of unwanted Christmas gifts every year. Each item returned is shipped at least three times—and as many as five times—to get through a chain of retailers, wholesalers and resellers.'

Even if you’re not indulging in an environmentally-friendly non-gift, it’s worth checking out the Ungifted website just for illustrator Cachetejack’s vibrant—and festive!—artwork. Take a look here.


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