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For their latest groundbreaking video, LA band OK Go uses reams of paper and immaculate timing to create a mesmerising, moving backdrop.

Known for their impressive, elaborate and usually mind-bogglingly choreographed music videos (remember the treadmills?), the band have gone all out with stop-motion, dancing and two whole years of work. There’s no CGI, just an elaborate process the group claims to be the world’s first example of 'paper mapping'.

In collaboration with paper manufacturer Double A, the video was directed by the band’s lead singer Damian Kulash and Japanese artist Yusuke Tanaka. As the beginning of the video explains, it was made with 567 printers and 'a lot of paper', but don’t worry – every bit was recycled afterwards with all the proceeds going to Greenpeace.

According to Kulash, the 'song is about how our most intense and complicated emotions are also our simplest and most universal'. Kulash and Tanaka use the printers to explore this idea, creating something that is simultaneously simple and complicated.

See exactly what five ordinary guys, a whole lot of time and 567 printers can achieve below:

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