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With stunning animation, intricate sets and bare bottoms, Tinder’s latest ad is a delight to watch.

In the animated ad, a calming male voice tells the story of dating, starting all the way back in the time of cavemen. The Adam and Eve-like characters meet by the (literal) local watering hole, decide to hang out and have a good time. Time goes on; medieval, Viking and modern-day couples, however, don’t have it so easy. Forced marriages, dowries, nosy family members and religious and moral differences get in the way of fun, easy-going relationships.

That’s where Tinder comes in. With the option to swipe left or right, the popular app gives users control over who they hang out with—no parents, no marriages, no moral differences interfering. The long, difficult history finishes with a happy ending in a modern-day watering hole where a diverse group of couples are living it up.

Adorable story not enough for you? The stunning animation will be. Computer generated modelling and exquisitely handmade sets combine to produce a surprisingly beautiful dating app ad.

Launched in South Korea in December, the ad is expected to roll out online globally soon.

See the bare bottoms here:

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