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Emojis are great for sending confusing messages to your mates, but what about providing valuable feedback for major brands?

Since mid-2015, the number of tweets with brand names paired with emojis increased by 49%. This prompted a two year analysis of 6 billion emojis shared on Twitter, resulting in ‘The Emoji Report’ from social media analytics company Brandwatch.

Emojis couldn’t possibly have any implications for brands—or could they? In fact, Brandwatch has used information from Twitter to build a picture of how certain companies are viewed online, resulting in a list of the 50 brands that had the highest share of positive emojis in the last two years.

People are quick to give brands and products a pictographic seal of approval or, conversely, a vomiting emoji of disapproval, so do these associations actually carry any weight? The report shows that some of the sectors with the most positive emojis are hotels, spirits and beer. It’s not surprising, though, that people like brands associated with travel and drinking!

The report imagines some extreme possibilities for emoji analysis: ‘A world where a 100% increase in emojis that represent illness help identify potential health issues across geographies.’ While somewhat lacklustre, its conclusions about how brands benefit are more realistic: ‘Emoji analysis provides a real-time look at how brands’ products and services are perceived online compared to their competitors.’

Read more about The Emoji Report here.

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