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Do you ever go to your favourite shop and wish you could buy everything? Japanese retailer Muji is offering the next best thing.

Known for offering a wide range of affordable products including stationery, clothing, major kitchen appliances, food and even a car in the early 2000’s, Muji is venturing into the hospitality industry with three hotels in China and Japan, really bringing its brand to life.

With Muji’s philosophy of ‘No Brand Quality Goods’, it’s a clever way to immerse consumers in their minimalist aesthetic. In a press release about the hotels, the brand explains its aim: ‘Muji hotel seeks to provide a physical experience of the Muji philosophy.’

The first hotel will open in mid-January in Shenzhen, China. Along with three floors comprised of 79 hotel rooms, it will feature a Muji restaurant and two-storey retail store—so if there’s anything in your room that you want to take home with you, you can. It really takes ‘try before you buy’ to the next level.

Discover more about the immersive Muji experience here

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