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While most people will protest at pineapple on pizza, we bet they’ll find this sweet pizza more agreeable!

Baking products company Dr. Oetker has opened a pop-up chocolate pizzeria in Toronto. Named after the company’s frozen chocolate pizza, Cioccolato opened on February 9th, National Pizza Day, and is open until Valentine’s Day.  Chocolate pizza sounds amazing enough, but this restaurant exceeds all expectation. Not only does it serve up slices of pizza entirely made of chocolate, every part of the dining experience is chocolate—the artwork, chandelier, glassware, oven, cutlery, walls, and more.

As a teaser, Dr. Oetker started a #chocolatedreams hashtag on social media to uncover Canadians’ strongest chocolate desires. Some of these were incorporated into the restaurant, including a chocolate diamond, made by a company specialising in human-made diamonds. The result was a 0.54 carat diamond made from a powdered chocolate pizza. A chocolate shark, while deemed unfeasible, is featured in one of six paintings made with—you guessed it—chocolate paint.

Mark Scott, who worked on the project, explains why they went all out with the chocolateria: ‘Chocolate pizza is a very unique and indulgent idea, so we wanted to launch it in an equally unique and indulgent way.’

If your mouth isn’t watering enough already, see the restaurant in finer detail here:

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