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As important as they are, safety posters must also be eye-catching to ensure people actually read them and take their message on board.

And, following the disaster that was the newly-introduced ‘Please hold on while the bus is moving’ announcements, it seems Transport for London (TfL) has found a better way to get commuters to behave.

TfL’s warning and advisory posters are a familiar sight for those who regularly traverse the miles of underground systems and buses that make up the London transport network, so it’s always nice to see some brightly-coloured new artwork adorning station walls.

That’s why The Mayor of London and TfL recently commissioned a new set of vibrant posters reminding busy Londoners to mind the gap, take care after drinking alcohol and hold onto the handrail.

You can see the full suite of works here (or just keep an eye out for one on your next journey).

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