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In case you’ve ever wondered to yourself what exactly Britishness is, The Royal Mint has the answer. Rather, it has 26 answers.

In the first week of March, The Royal Mint, which has been making coins for over a millennia, releases a series of 26 newly designed 10p coins to kick off the ‘Great British Coin Hunt’. Complemented with an app to help you keep track of your findings, the collection features an alphabet of Britishness, from the Angel of the North to zebra crossings.

A questions page on The Royal Mint’s website explains the aim of their new, shiny collection: ‘The Royal Mint wanted to engage members of the public of all ages with their change, so devised a coin series that would get the country debating one question: what exactly defines Britain as British?

‘Various themes reflecting British life were considered, such as cities or counties, sports, flowers and animals. It soon became clear that there’s so much that makes Britons proud to be British that the alphabet idea was born – a series in which each letter represents something Quintessentially British.’

A full English breakfast, James Bond, Stonehenge and, of course, queuing all made the list. After a team consisting of mostly Royal Mint coin designers finished the designs for its first ever series of themed 10p coins, models were sent to the Queen for final approval.

Find out more about the silver series here.

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