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Jokester beer brand Brewdog has launched an ironic Pink IPA for International Women’s Day, but unfortunately (and unsurprisingly) the irony was lost on many.

A twist on the brand’s best-known beer, Punk IPA, the bottle is wrapped in a bright pink label and despite a lot of wink-wink nudge-nudge on social media and the brand’s mission statement, many Twitter users failed to see the joke.

The beer’s small print reads: ‘Punk’s for men and Pink’s for women. Right? WRONG. Beer is for everyone and gender is not defined by colour.’

And a Tweet from the company also explained: ‘We’ve created a beer for girls. And it’s pink. Because women only like pink and glitter, right? #Sarcasm Let’s show that enough is enough with stereotypes.’

As well as their plan to ‘throw a Molotov cocktail through the glass ceiling’, Brewdog are also donating 19% of all proceeds from the sale of Pink IPA to causes that fight gender equality.

But the public and critics alike lambasted the campaign, with many saying it simply didn’t work out of context at best, and actually perpetuated stereotypes at worst.

Make up your own mind here.


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