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WWF France’s latest campaign enlists Instagram’s biggest influencers and shares shocking scenes to raise awareness of environmental damage around the world.

On behalf of the charity, nine leading travel bloggers published stunning pictures of international beauty spots. Lush forests, glorious mountains, romantic coastlines… the photos garnered thousands of likes on Instagram and comments like ‘Magnificent!’ and ‘Beautiful!’.

But the images were Photoshopped. The bloggers revealed days later that the destinations don’t exist anymore due to human impact. Distressing pictures of how the spots have changed were shared, revealing the true extent of pollution.

The influencers then encouraged followers to take immediate environmental action, using the hashtag #toolatergram. This is a twist on the popular ‘latergram’ hashtag, where a user posts a photo at a later time than when it was snapped.

You can watch the promotional video below:


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