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Modern Collodion has announced the winner of its Wet Plate Competition, an event dedicated to the 19th-century photography technique. 

The inaugural wet plate competition attracted 200 submissions from 19 countries. Modern Collodion, a camera-equipment manufacturer owned by Lightbox Photo Academy, said it was ‘thrilled to see such a big response from the wet plate community’. But what exactly is wet plate photography? 

The collodion process, as it is also known, involves coating a piece of glass or metal with a syrupy substance before inserting it into a camera. After taking a shot, the photographer has 15 minutes to expose and process the wet plate before it dries. 

This Victorian technology is enjoying something of a resurgence, with wet plate technicians achieving a beautifully aged, dramatic look. 

Oregon-based photographer Paul Barden won the Wet Plate Competition with his mysterious image of Aristolochia pods. You can see that and more of his work here.

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