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How would you fancy lamp-roasted ostrich eggs, karma goldfish or maybe just a good old Kombucha rave? 

Danone pokes fun at fickle food trends in their new advert, which is set up like a hidden camera experiment. ‘Konfusion Foods’ sees baffled diners being offered a constantly altering menu, starting off with ‘holistic, organismic’ dishes and ending with all-liquid options only. 

In contrast to this, the dairy corporation presents itself in the clip as a refreshingly straightforward, healthy brand with their tagline: ‘Milk. Ferments. Done.’ 

Danone said: ‘We thought that we’d help make everything easier by creating a product so simple that you’d never doubt its beneficiary abilities. The film underlines the absurdity of the ever-changing food trends in a fun and inclusive way.’

So, when it comes to food, do you follow your gut or go with the crowd? Watch the video below:


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