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If it’s not on every marketer’s lips, then it should be, right? But how exactly can AI help you? 

The concept of AI has been around since Greek mythology times, but it’s only recently that it’s become the buzzword in B2B marketing. AI promises to remove much of the guesswork from marketing and, according to Salesforce’s State of Marketing report last year, half of the marketers out there are using AI right now. A quarter want to get into AI within the next two years – mostly small businesses. 

Tim Bosch from Resolution Media points out several ways in which AI can assist in marketing processes, especially on social media. From object recognition to chatbots and consumer insights to social optimisation tools, AI really does look like it could transform social advertising in the future. Marketers will find that their ads are better targeted as previously undetected patterns are revealed in huge bodies of data. 

So where are you with AI? The general advice is that, if you’re willing to put in the work now, you will definitely enjoy the fruits in our artificially intelligent future.

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