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Quick question. If ad blockers are, by definition, the enemies of advertisers, then surely no advertiser uses ad blockers themselves? 

It’d be great if that were true but – let’s face it – ad blockers are widespread and common nowadays. Approximately 615 million devices are using ad-blocking software – usage that is increasing by at least 30% annually. Last year, it was estimated ad blockers will cost advertisers a whopping £20bn in lost revenue by 2020. 

Advertisers have only got themselves to blame. Too much of their output is untargeted, unentertaining and uninformative; putting users off, obstructing their happy surfing experience. There's been much written about why people are switching off from online advertising but, in short, pop-ups, banners and displays are… just annoying. 

So what can be done to regain audience attention? 

Interactive adverts are a great way to hook potential buyers, who are more willing to engage with adverts (especially fun ones) rather than patiently sit through a commercial. Native advertising avoids ad blockers and are generally unobtrusive, while the rise of influencer marketing sees a different, arguably more authentic, way of reaching out to new audiences.

Whatever method you choose, do have the key question in mind: why do you use your ad blocker?

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