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What sets the top B2B marketers apart from the rest? 

No, we’re not boasting about ourselves (ahem): B2B Marketing and The Mx Group have released a new report on how the most successful marketers are investing their precious time and what they’re doing differently. 

Top-performing marketers were defined in the How The Best Achieve Success report as those who measured themselves as ‘successful’ or ‘very successful’ across all survey questions.

And it turns out, unsurprisingly, there’s no great dark art to it. 

All of them have good data, 74% have effective lead follow-up and 67% use buyer personas. A fully deployed CRM is a must (63%) as well as the use of performance metrics (60%). As for customer care, 56% have an online response time of less than 12 hours. 

And the worst stat from the poorest performers? Only 4% have marketing automation fully deployed. The research further shows a gulf in marketing activities between the most confident marketers and the least.

So, be like the best (still not boasting): integrate data, teams and technology for greater success.

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