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You make a kick-ass advert. It’s a head-turner. And when they turn their heads, they get hypnotised. That’s how great an advert it is. 

But how do you know? What possible metrics could there be to support your confidence? 

Well, advertisers can now find out how much attention their adverts are likely to capture before they’re launched, thanks to new technology developed by AI specialists Realeyes and Imperial College London. 

Marketers can measure the levels of attention their content seizes by using test subjects' webcams to monitor behavioural cues such as eye movements and blinking. The tech is so specific it can track attention spiking or dipping by the second. 

Mihkel Jäätma, CEO of Realeyes, said: ‘Our AI-powered metric is the most sophisticated in the market, telling advertisers exactly how much attention their content will attract and provide them with actionable insights on how to maximise the ROI of their content marketing.’ 

Now you can make a (verified) attention-grabbing advert.

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