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Anyone still get nightmares about exams? Perhaps in the dream you’re in the exam hall, woefully unprepared. You can’t remember any of your study notes—why do they never stick? 

Well, fear no more as your anxieties can be cured by… a font (though chances are you don’t need to sit exams anymore). 

Sans Forgetica is a free-to-download typeface created by multidisciplinary designers and behavioural scientists from RMIT University. Based on the concept of ‘desirable difficulties’ (the introduction of difficulty in the learning process can improve long-term retention), the font is deliberately hard to read, prompting your brain to engage in deeper processing. 

Text produced by Sans Forgetica slopes awkwardly and appears cut up, damaged by gaps. And it works: research has shown that readers remember 57% of Sans Forgetica text, compared with 50% of Arial. 

It makes you want to make lots of study notes and sit exams all over again (or not).

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