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With recent news that WebBeds has acquired hotel-booking operator Destinations of the World, making the B2B travel provider the second largest in the world, there has been much talk about how some B2B brands seem to have a knack for great success. What’s the secret? 

While there is no obvious answer, much has to be said for challenging ‘traditional’ B2B marketing efforts. One of the biggest mistakes B2B marketers can make is to lose sight of whom they’re actually speaking to: people, not companies. Yes, B2B effectively means businesses talking to other businesses, but businesses aren’t sentient — the people behind them are. Marketers targeting companies rather than people invariably produce content that’s dry, highly technical and stylised with the dreaded Corporate Tone. The audience should never be imagined as a big building with a logo. 

Last year, the B2B Buyer’s Survey Report by DemandGen found that 75% of buyers said company content had a significant impact on their buying decisions, while 78% agreed that they spent more time on research. Education trumps promotion in the world of B2B, and B2B marketers have to explore ways in which they can make their information more personal, engaging and creative. This is what humans want. 

And what is one simple way to make content more human? Involve emotion. 

Emotional appeals aren’t just for consumer brands: they are a useful tool in B2B marketing to grab attention and secure new business. Outstanding marketing campaigns always appeal to emotions; your content should always resonate not only on a business level, but on a personal one too. 

How would you feel if a product or service could: 

  • Save you time?
  • Slash your costs?
  • Improve your bottom line?
  • Streamline your operation?
  • Grow your business?
  • Develop your staff? 

Pretty wonderful, we imagine!

Make sure your brand capitalises on the power of human emotion, and connect with the people in other businesses in a way that makes them feel good.

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