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One of the Newcastle’s shopping highlights of the year is the annual Christmas display at Fenwick department store. 

Extravagant, dazzling and beautiful… it’s enough to make surrounding businesses sick with jealousy. There’s nothing much you can do but sigh and tip your hat to superior advertising. 

But wait — Greggs has seemingly outfoxed the luxury chain. 

Across the road on Northumberland Street, the bakery has flipped its shop logo. Why? So crowds admiring Fenwick’s festive display will see the logo of Greggs in the window, perfectly reflected. 

So, for the first time in Fenwick Newcastle’s 136-year history, another brand is capitalising on their much-celebrated Christmas marketing. 

The trick ensures that every photo taken of the display will contain a reflection of Greggs’ logo. And shoppers are finding that it’s great for selfies too!

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